~Crusader's Prayer~

Bended knees
and begging please
God aid me not fail--
my eyes are hard
and heart is stone,
but oh my will is
Accept in grace the
and dear Lord bless
the damned--
clear the fight from out
my soul
and take my bloodied

The red that haze
my vision,
paint revelation blue--
enforce my once-
may my dark heart
stray true.
A trembling plea
for purity,
a prayer
for strength to bear--
the fear I can't atone
my sins,
the fear I may not care.

I ask no angels
speak to me--
I may try tear their wings.
I ask no priest
confess me--
I've done too wretched things.
There is no pride in killing,
no honor in
the fray--
but God forgive,
I love it so
and cannot keep away.

My Mercy Lord
please bless this damned,
and please forgive these sins--
please aid me cleanse these
bloody hands,
and still the fight

~~~~~~(c)2002 The Mad Poet (A.K. LaBelle)