Nothing to be Scared of Now Nothing to be Scared of Now

See what they always say,
They always try to reassure,
Always there, always comforting, saying,
Nothing to be scared of anymore.

Remember the dark room
Back at home,
Remember how the shadows played
In your head and on the walls.

Don't forget school;
The kids always thought
You were weird,
Never cared; you were just the weird kid.

It was true, wasn't it,
The pipes in the janitor's closet
Were full
Of ghosts and fiends.

You were right,
But they refused to listen
When you said the lockers
Held monsters.

Nobody believed you,
They said you were crazy,
Then they sent you to that man
Who had the fake smile.

And now you're here,
In this strangely clean place,
White ceilings, white floors
And white padded walls.

And the nice men in white
Believe everything you say;
So different, isn't it,
From the people you knew before.

Now you're here,
You're safe,
Daddy can't hurt you anymore,
And Mommy's words of spite can't reach you.

Go on, listen to what they say:
No need to worry anymore,
Because here, there's nothing to be scared of,
Now or ever.