We met all our moments
As I walked past the door
My boot-heels tracing
Out maps on the floor
You leaned back like Janus;
On both sides of the gate
We met eyes as I ran in,
Crying, and late

But you could be in
Munich tho', hopefully so
For the strangest of reasons
I cannot have you go
I adapted an accent but
How much could it matter?
And a final tone sounded:
I ran in after

And high over Dresden:
Wait! I have used this before
Yet we in humanity
Are fed off by war
When an American dies
The would cracks in two
When all Germany falls...
Then they simply make due.

And battle-lines drawn
When I wandered in
We all fight as soldiers
Coming down to the end
While you, back in Munich
Stood, staring down.
The war simply ended--
And I know This now.

While several days later
It was Dresden again
We measured out moments
In numbers or men
Like all pinning armies
When the lines have been crossed
Taking into account more than
Ground has been lost

And there is a conclusion
Between armies and men
That what happened in
Dresden will happen again
And let it be so, for we
All simply must wait
As the final bell sounded
And I ran in later