Lords and Ladies

This fic is not really about any set thing and it is more silly and stupid than anything else. @_@ I really hope that you'll R&R. Nobody ever does T_T… I'm sorry, I shouldn't bring that up. ^_^ Here we go with this CRAZY fic:

*a man and woman walk into the scene*

Lord1: Why, hello, m'lady!

Lady1: Hello, m'lord!

Lord1: How are you, m'lady?

Lady1: I'm fine, m'lord. How are you, m'lord?

Lord1: I'm alright, m'lady. Who's that, m'lady?

Lady1: I dunno, m'lord.

*two women walk in*

Lord1: How do you do, m'ladies?

Lady2: I'm fine, m'lord. How are you, m'lord?

Lord1: I'm fine, too, m'lady. And how do you do, m'lady?

Lady3: I'm fine, m'lord. How are you, m'lord?

Lord1: I'm fine, m'lady.

Lady2: And you, m'lady?

Lady1: I'm fine, m'lady. How do you do, m'lady?

Lady2: I'm fine, m'lady.

Lady1: And you, m'lady?

Lady3: I'm fine, m'lady.

Lord1: What are you called, m'lady?

Lady2: Lots of foul things, m'lord!

*bursting laughter*

Lord1: I meant your name, m'lady.

Lady2: Oh, m'lord! I beg your pardon, m'lord.

Lord1: Quite alright, m'lady.

*another man walks in*

Lord2: What's going on, m'lady, m'lady, m'lady, and m'lord?

Lady1: Nothing peculiar, m'lord.

Lord1: We're just chatting, m'lord.

Lord2: Ahhh, m'lord! You shouldn't be chatting, m'lord.

Lord1: Why not m'lord?

Lord2: You're late, m'lord.

Lord1: I am, m'lord! Good bye, m'lady.

Lady1: Goodbye, m'lord.

Lord1: Goodbye, m'lady.

Lady2: Goodbye, m'lord.

Lord2: Goodbye, m'lord.

Lord1: Goodbye, m'lord. Goodbye, m'lady.

Lady3: Goodbye, m'lord.

*penguin waddles in*

Lord1: Sorry, m'penguin. I can't talk now, m'penguin. *runs off scene*

3ladies and other lord: Gasp, m'lord!

*all three mumbling to each other*

Lady2: He talked to a penguin, m'lady!

Lady1: I know, m'lady!

Lord2: What a strange lord, m'lady…

Lady3: Oh, isn't he, m'lord?

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