Oren looked down through the shadows of the rafters then
at the open window that was shining small inconstant rays of sunlight
on a crack on a beam inwhich a small fern-like plane was growing. She
sighed. Glancing down through the rafters at the passers by and
goings on, she heard a soft melodic soung. It was familiar, she
ananlyzed, shrugging it off, and continuing to scan the busy scene
with eyes the color of a cloudless stormy sky. A burly man's loud
chuckle caught her attention but didn't keep it. She closed her
eyes, reopening them once to reaffirm her security and shut them

A large grandfather clock chimed 12 times, Oren's eyes
bolted. She began climbing down from the beams. A few pieces of
cloth from her clothing got caught on some protruding nails, she
felt. She finally made her way down and exited into some stormy
winter night. She walked a few feet, stopped, and glanced back,
the pub she had called 'home' for the night and the claming
weather had dissapeared. Another sigh had escaped her lips,
giving off thatt sub-zero smoky effect.