February 28, 2002

It isn't just that you lie to me all the time,
Or that you blame everything on me,
Contributing to my misery.

It isn't just that you don't care about anything,
Or that you always forget about me,
Or that you break all your promises,
Or that you waste all your time
Playing computer games
And never look for a job.

It isn't just that you always claim to be wonderful
Because you make money
(But you don't)
And don't seem to even try to find a job.

It isn't just that you insult Mom,
That you constantly argue with her,
And challenge her authority
When she's the one running this family,
Keeping us together.
Working. Driving. Cooking. Cleaning. Teaching. Caring.
Everything you don't do.

It's that you've been a jerk to me all my life.
It's that you don't give a crap as to who I am,
What I like, or what I need.
It's that you act as if you hate me,
And have to compete against me.
It's that you don't treat me like I'm your kid.
It's everything I've said combined, plus more.
That's why I loathe you, Dad.
That's why.