none of us cared (except to survive)
By: ShinigamiForever

Just because he's right
doesn't mean you don't want to kick him
his self righteous smile
the way he looks so arrogant and truthful
and so volatile and soft
at the same time.

Just because you're wrong
doesn't mean you shouldn't be in charge
with your hesitant graces
the gentle rhythms in your voice
like a twining ribbon
curving over fallen petals.

And just because I'm silent
doesn't mean that I don't have an opinion
with my indifferent shrugs
filling my hands with the cold of winter
cocooning myself in a sheath of silence
sealed with frozen blades.

Just because none of us believe
doesn't mean that we are infidels
with our fanatical love of nihilism
twisting paradoxes like a second tongue
drenching ourselves in sangfroid vines
and pelting others with ice.