Part V: Redemption

Chapter 23: Redemption

Melinda Point of View

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust." The priest droned on, standing over the open grave. I shut my eyes and blocked the tears. Unable to stop them, I whirled round and Adam wrapped his arms around me, I cried into his shoulder, leaving wet mark on the front of his good black suit. He smiled bravely at me, but the tears were glistening in his eyes too.

The gray sky made a perfect metaphor for the mood of the small group of mourning people. I shot a glance over t Diella's parents. They were both fairly young but they looked older that day, as they both stood crying over the grave of their only daughter… but then again, we all looked older I think… I think we were all a little older now.

I hated it, I hated that Diella was gone. How could they let her go, only to go home and kill herself. How did they not know better? After all… there has to be someone to blame, I thought bitterly. Someone has to be responsible!

But there isn't anyone… none of us saw it before, no of us thought she'd… she'd d… that she'd… I can barely say it now… that she'd killed herself

Her father picked up that handful of dirt and thew it don on the closed coffin. Her mother dropped in a rose. I cried harder, I cried for what happened, for everything that had happened, for Diella and for all us… it was too late for her…

"Let us pray," The priest broke in, "In the words that Jesus taught us…"

"Our father," We chorused, "Who art in Heaven…. Hallowed be thy name…"

Adam Point of View

"Deliver us not into temptation but deliver us from evil," I said softly, bowing my head.

"For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours, now and forever." The priest finished.

"Amen." The mourners chorused.

The irony finally strikes me… Diella would have hated this, this kind of service. Oh well, Diella, I thought sadly, guess you'll just have to deal with the only way they know how to say good bye.

I stood waiting for Anna and Melinda by the cemetery gates when Diella's parents approached me.

"Were you a friend of Diella's?" Her mother asked, a pleading I cannot fathom in her voice.

"Something like that." I relied, smiling bravely at her. "You're her parents?"
"Something like that," Her father told me wistfully.

"I'm sorry for your loss." I sad formally.

"Thank you." Her mother said quietly. "We wanted to be family again, like we were when she was little… but…"

"We were too late," he finished for her. "We lost our daughter." He said, not wanting to believe it. "Thank you."

They walked away, his arm around her comforting. I stood dumbfounded, no knowing what to say.

I miss Diella you know… she'd hate this story if she had read it when she was alive… she liked happy endings. I couldn't see anything good about this.

"Let's go." I heard Anna whisper. My eyes fell down t her hand linked with Melinda… well…

Maybe some things can still be good.

Anna Point of View

I stared down a the closed casket for along time after everyone had gone. I wanted an answer, one maybe God couldn't even give.

"Coming?" I turned to see Melinda.

"In a few."

"I miss her already."

"You hated her…"

"No…" Melinda shook her head, "She was one of those people, you guess you love in the end."

"She would have been happy t hear that."

"Who says she can't hear it now?"

I nodded and took her hand and walked overt Adam with her.

"Do you still love me?"

"Yes. Very much so."

"I won't hurt you again."

"I know." She smiled and squeezed my hand, "I always knew."

Alex Garland, like I said at the beginning, made a lot of good points when he ended his book, I carry a lot of scars.

I carry a lot of scars too, you know… a lot.

None of them are physical.

I glanced down at Melinda's hand, linked with mine. Maybe some things can change… maybe Diella changed me for the better… all I know is… I'm not letting her hand go this time. I think Diella would have wanted us back together.

I can change because… there is no such thing as people like me… we're all people, just people… and we're all good.

I wish… I wish for so much, I wish Diella was still alive, she didn't just finish her journey. I doubt I'll ever forget her, she will be a specter haunting my thoughts.

I'm old, but I'm a getting a little older everyday. And I'm not tired, but I'm getting a whole lot more tired everyday. We were right, it was too late to keep from going crazy…

I wish I could tell her I'm sorry… but I guess whether she's looking down on me or up at me, she knows. I'm pretty sure she's looking down though.

When Diella read my Bible, she saw a whole lot of fire and brimstone…

I saw redemption.

But I when I looked at Diella… I saw a whole lot of fire and brimstone…

I should have seen redemption.


Author's note: So there it finally is, all of Redemption. I don't know how good it is, or how realistic, but it was a fun little thing to write, and I'm glad I got to work with Mackenzie. Right now, we have no intentions to try again, we started one called Blind, but both lost interest in it. In the mean time, read our solo works.

Back to the story, I'm sure there's lots of room for improvement, in fact, I know there is, but right now, neither of us have an interest in changing or bettering it. I know things that could be changed, going more in depth on Diella, her parents (though I maintain it's common reaction I've seen happen over and over). But for now, it's all you get.

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