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Chapter 7

Behind Closed Eyes

Morning arrived all to quickly for both Landon, and Raden. It seemed as if they had just closed their eyes when the sun graced them with its presence. The bright fire in the sky spread its unwanted beauty all over the land. The blackened stream where the two lay was now a shimmering blue masterpiece under the light.

Landon dipped her hand into the clear cool water still enjoying its refreshing touch. Raden lay curled up beside her, his head hidden under his onyx wings. He refused to open his eyes and greet the new morning. Landon figured it was because he had worked so hard the night before carrying her here. Even though he was a difficult person to be around, she owed him for all he had done for her.

Sleep still lingered in her mind but the feeling was pushed aside. There was way too much to think about to sleep anymore. Her life, as she new it, was gone. And now she was being forced to start over. To survive now, she was to forget her past.

Landon switched her position so her head rested in her hands, as she looked into the swift current of the water. A slight smile spread across her lips and she spotted a small golden fish. She couldn’t help but wonder if it was the type of gold fish she was used to. As a child it seemed that was the only type of animal she could keep alive.

“Hello there,â€