OOOHHAAAYYOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After a long, lengthy break from writing, I have decided (after the many reviews that flocked to my email inbox a year after I had stopped writing) that I, Silent-Chan (Now currently K.S. Raine, but still, I be Silent-chan, yesh yesh), have not only grown more insane than ever BUT, will pick up this measly, rotting pencil once again and *cue dramatic music* WRITE THE SEQUAL!

*hears crickets* Ooooo... XO I WILL STILL AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME! Hmph! XP But, yes, aside from writing the sequal, I will also think about doing the prequal. Thinking, thinking, not deciding, yet. I'm in my last years of highschool and things have been badgering and plaguing me the time I've been gone, but writing has always calmed me, so I'll go back to what I loved first. So Yes, about the sequal. It will be similiar to what I had put down that long time ago, but just a tad bit different. The name that I had just plastered on there was a product of haste and well, thinking about it, I decided to change it some. Plot line, such and such. It'll be interesting. I hope that all of you will still be interested. ^^

I will also make a little 'email reminder', if I may, to those who want an immediate notice of an update of a chapter through well.. email. ^.^ So, just leave your email addies in a review or email me at I'll be changing my email address soon, the other one is old and honestly.. full of saved reviews. ^^ I need a new one. So yes. Also, if you wish to contact me via AIM, my s/n is ShinigamiAnguish. Feel free to just drop by and say 'hi!'. Even bug me about updating because that is what will usually get me going.

Well, I think I'm done ranting now. ^^ I hope that this will interest at least someone. Ehe... Well uhm.. that be all. Silent-chan, out! *wavies* Til we (uh)meet again!