Mums and dads I've asked you here
to see what you know about your dear
little offspring.
When you leave them in the house alone
I wonder is it widely known
what they're doing?
It's a common thing now cross the world
even amongst your own boys and girls
something they all do.
They take their time and they don't rush
their art is done without a paint brush
and it's Red on White on Blue.

You can tell their age looking at their wrists
and seeing how many lines are crissed
across their veins.
I'm afraid they know you won't understand
how they could do this by their own hand
it deadens pain.
Tho they're left forever scarred
and their skin can't be unmarred
its a habit they fall into
Although they may try with conviction
they just can't lose the addiction
to Red on White on Blue.

They're not really trying to kill themself
nor is it a simple cry for help
its something words can't say.
I guess they're trying to be more real
I guess they're trying hard to feel
something other than grey.
There isn't much that you can do to help
its gotta be something from within themself
that ends what they do;
I just thought you might like to know
what's probably happening in your home
in Red and White and Blue.