The Hole of Life
She had never known she could feel so small,
So insignificant,
In this huge,
selfish,power driven world,
Where no one seemed to care for his feelings.
She had always been trapped,
In a bubble of solitude.
Unfree to move beyond her own fears,
her own failings,
The entrapements of her own wrong doing.
What happened to the hope she once held
Dear, in a crumbling dreams
That taunt her?
Where was the happiness she could find
in the simple things?
The Joie De Vie she once possessed.
Where had the time slipped away,when
She need not hide her feelings behind brief chuckles
To mask her feelings on serious subjects.

She is curled on her bed, crying,
Silently sobbing,
She vowed to never let the world know
her sorrow,
They would reject her even more.
Besides the world has problems,
Problems that consume its time,
She can't be selfish, and
Pile the tower of tradgies
That dominant over everyone's thoughts.
She resides deep in a fantasy world,
Where she can pretend to be normal.
A place that tears her to shreds each time,
She removes herself from it, and tries to
Be accepted.

She knows her facade, she wears fot the world,
Is brittle and will shatter easily.
It fractures occasionally, when left alone,
To reflect on her fallouts,
The crimes against humanity other accuse her of.
She knows one day,
It will permantely shatter,
And the cold world
Will toss her into the abyss,
Never caring,
She only desires someone
To protect her from the darkness.