Terrify Me

By Ginger

All I wanted

Was twenty minutes.

Twenty minutes,

To watch one programme.

One programme,

Before we left.

But you wanted to go

And you wouldn't give me my twenty minutes

So I had to fight you

And you had to hurt me.

You had to yell,

Just like you do when you're upset.

You had to throw things,

Just like you do when you lose control.

You nearly had to hit me,

Well you've never done that before.

You screamed and cried,

You sneered at my anguish

And I could barely get two words out

Past my anger,

Past my tears,

Past my fear.

Yes Mother

It's true.

When you yell at me,

When you insult me,

When you lose control with me,

You terrify me.

When you're on edge,

When you can't be patient,

When your voice trembles with rage,

You terrify me.

When you won't listen to reason,

When you won't be patient

And give me my twenty minutes,

You terrify me.

Yes Mother,

It's true

You terrify me