Cut your meat
And eat your chives
Kiss the blade
And walk on knives
Blow your nose
And eat your peas
Split your skin
But then say please
Love your neighbor
Hate yourself
Put your needs
Upon a shelf
Work the cycle
Get in line
Be condemned
But be divine
Ignore the light
Explore the dark
Fear the shadows
Quench the spark
Move ahead
But please sit still
Aim for heaven
Shoot to kill
Hide the dirt
And clean your face
Bury the pain
Fill the space
Close your eyes
And don't ask where
Face your fears
And fear what's there
If your ugly
Fix your flaws
Hide your fangs
And trim your claws
Paint your features
Touch and go
Make it pretty
For the show
In the end
Go count the stars
Wash your hands
And hide your scars
Stand up straight
and eat your chives
Touch the flames
And walk on knives