The Writers

Why do we write?

Is it to connect with some inner spirit

And then release it?

By writing out our experiences,

Can we come to an understanding of ourselves?

If it does, why do we award people who write?

The Nobel Prize, the Hugo, the Governor-General’s,

Do we award them because they understand themselves better?

Or because they understand humanity?

But how can one person claim to understand the entirety

Of humanity?

Are we not all different?

There are facets within each of us that distinguish us from others.

Are there parallels, distorted mirror-images in all of us?

By writing, do we seek to understand these images?

Can someone who tries hard enough,

come to understand one of these fractal images in whole,

And thereby understand one facet of humanity in whole?

If this is possible, how long does it take?

Years? Decades? A lifetime?

If it takes so long, what is the point of trying?

Is it to leave behind records of this?

So that perhaps future generations

Can fully understand what it is to be human.

Edmund Adderley, 20002