For me there's nothing more exquisate than the rain.
To me it represents no anger, nor excrutiating pain.
It trickles down, so calm and sure;
The quintessance of life, utterly pure.
Soft emotion with transcendent force,
The core of serenity, the unending source.
Gratuity from heaven, to mend our wounds;
replenish the earth, polish the moon.
A second chance -
or so it seems,
A pinnacle part in our wildest dreams.
So let the rain come, hard and strong.
Revel in the naivete of its influential song.
The reassurance of a little peace,
the truth of life with each single beat.
It's in our blood, it's in our hearts;
every single fiber, every tiny part.
If the water flows, we'll be alright;
though it brings the dark,
don't fear the night.
The sun shall rise, and boldly shine,
a whole new energy for humankind.
An endless cycle of eternal strength,
an encouraging signal that life shall remain.
Through hard times and tranquil alike,
It encourages us to go on, and continue to fight.
Proving we are nothing without its strength,
but as long as there's rain...
that hope shall remain.