1 A White Dove


A white dove,

From the ashes of Berlin she rises,

From beneath the fallen walls,

From beneath the scorched rubble,

A white dove.

Free from body,

Free from dark thoughts,

She glides freely

Safe from all beneath her.

She couldn’t call her past life pointless,

Nor terrible as it may seem,

In a way it was a pity,

She looks back one last time,

To where both their scorched bodies

Lay buried in a disastrous grave.

A white dove now,

Not who she used to be,

Never again,

It is finally over.

With white wings around her,

The thick dust far beneath her,

The destruction a sign of final liberation,

She goes with her wind,

A white dove.

I’ll give ya a cookie if you can guess who the dove was (in her past life)â€"WWII geniuses should know this one!

CLUE: Think German woman who committed suicide along with someone else. (maybe that was a too big clue, ne?)