You know you're in love when....

You lay awake at night wishing she was with you
You dream of her
You awake in the morning wishing she was with you
You think of her every five minutes
You think of her every two minutes
You can't stop thinking about her
You try to see her at every possible moment
You ache when she's gone
You want to be there when she's happy
You want to be there when she's in tears
You write her Valentine's
You don't give them to her 'cuz she just wants to be friends
You protect her at all costs, from whatever, and chalk it up as her being your best friend.
You would give up everything for her to say "I love you."
You get her the most beautiful pendant on the shelf
You take her out "as friends" as much as possible
You ache for the merest touch from her
You yearn for a single smile from her
You are happy when she's happy
You make sure that she doesn't get sad
YOu let her paint your nails
You enjoy her painting your nails
You think a hug from her is worth more than her wieght in gold
You carry a picture of her in your wallet
You arrange for her friend from England to come across the Atlantic at the cost of your own money
You go into depression if she's mad at you
You glow when she says, "I forgive you."
You consider a squashed car ride with her heaven on earth
You notice all the little things, her eyeliner, the mole on her neck (right under the collar line)
You write, dedicating it to her
This one's for you, cariad. You know who you are now.

Feminine pronouns and feminine posseive pronouns can be substituted for their male counterparts for all you ladies.