The Rainbow has Many Colours


Lilith Anne Wheeler was a young, pretty girl with shy
tendencies. She had long, flowing blonde hair and round,
cornflower blue eyes. Her nose was perfectly straight,
her teeth shiny and white. She had a sweet disposition
and her sweetness inspired others to be sweet to her as
well. Yet others wanted to break her down. Perhaps
that was why it happened to her.
Lilith's brother, Shane, was a mean-spirited, dark haired
grey eyed boy. He was two years older than Lilith. No-
body liked him, and he liked nobody. Except Lilith. His
sweet little sister.
Shane raped his sister. Everyone found out. There were
doctors everywhere, trying to bring Lilith out of the coma her
brother had put her in. People visited her at the Rape Trauma
Hospital. She was so sweet, so kind. How could her own brother
do such a thing to her? People were disturbed.
Shane was taken to a Juvenile Delinquent Center. He was
a minor. Age 17. His sister, only 15.
Meanwhile, a few months later, the doctors found out that
Lilith was pregnant. She was still in a coma. Everybody prayed
her. Lilith was such a sweet girl. How could Shane do that to
Lilith woke up a month before the baby was due. The
doctors, her family, her friends, even strangers were elated.
Some cried, some laughed. They were all relieved and happy.
The doctors told her she was pregnant. And that it was too late
to abort the baby now.
Lilith cried. She told the doctors she was glad, though,
that they had not gotten rid of the baby. Lilith was opposed to
abortion. It wasn't the baby's fault she'd been raped. She refused
to kill an innocent life. Her parents, who had advised the doctors
to keep the baby, nodded, saying they knew their little girl.
The doctors said the baby, who appeared male, seemed
quite healthy for a baby concieved of incest. Most would be dead
or deformed by now. This baby was rather slow in development, but
he seemed intact. Of course, they wouldn't be sure until the baby
was born. Lilith cried again at this news. She wasn't happy. She
pretended her tears were tears of joy, but in reality, she couldn't
help but feel disgusted. She didn't want HIS baby. But, Lilith
kept this to herself. And she tried to tell herself that it
wouldn't do to treat the baby badly. It wasn't his fault.
The baby was born in mid-January. The same day as Shane.
Lilith shuddered at the omen she believed God had sent her. The
baby would be as terrible as Shane, she just knew it! And this
sent her into more tears.
The baby was born unhealthy. He weighed 4 pounds, and his
right lung was in danger of of collapsing. He was severly undersized
and he didn't cry at all. The doctors, who'd been elated at the
baby's undeformed body, were now worried. They really cared about
the little baby. Lilith didn't. She named him Sebastien, a name
she had despised for years, and no middle name at all. She visited
him only to keep up the facade that she loved him, and to seem
like a good mother. Lilith had fallen into a deep depression.
Nobody noticed. They thought Lilith was worried, when all the
while, she was praying for the baby's demise. Her rundown
appearance, everybody reasoned, was because of all the stress
and worry. Her fatigue was blamed on the trials of childbirth.
But all of it were signs of her depression.
Despite Lilith's evil prayers, the small baby continued to
live. He didn't fill out much, but his lungs grew stronger and his
health improved. But it looked as though he'd always be a bit
small. He was a skinny, little baby.
Sebastien and his mother moved into a small apartment a
year after his birth. By this time, Lilith's depression was so
severe that even her parents took notice now. They took action
before she killed Sebastien. They took their daughter and
grandson into their home only two months after Lilith had moved
out. Eventually, after treatment and a little TLC, Lilith grew
more stable and took Sebastien, now six years old, and moved
2,000 miles away to the city.
Sebastien was still severely underweight, very small, and
frequently sick. He had grown to look like both of his parents.
He had fine, dark hair; very, very soft like Lilith's, but dark,
like Shane's. His eyes were were a very light lavendar colour,
a result of the light blue of Lilith, and pale ghostly grey of
Shane. His lashes were long and dark. He didn't smile much,
not even at six, and he was suprisingly intelligent. He liked to
play the piano, which his grandmother had taught him while he'd
lived with her. He had no artistic abilites whatsoever, unless
you counted his ability to play the piano. He didn't care much
for eating, as he almost never felt well.
Moving Sebastien into the city with a depressed mother
and 2,000 miles away from his loving, protective grandparents
was not an entirely smart tactic at all. Without her parents
nagging her, Lilith regularly forgot to take her medication
and fell into deep depressions once again. Her detrimental
feelings toward her son often had Sebastien hiding from her,
or writing feeble letters to his Grandma. Letters that were
never sent, due to their lack of postage stamps.
There was no comforting piano to play, so Sebastien
sung the songs his Grandma had taught him, sometimes humming
them to himself as he lay curled in a fetal position on
the floor, hands over his ears to block out his mother's
cursing, tears pouring down his cheeks. He wanted his grand-
parents back desperately. Not this woman who claimed to be his
mother and let him go hungry for days. Who didn't care whether
he lived or died.
One day, when Lilith wasn't depressed, she met a man.
After about a year of dating, Lilith and the man, Joseph Fair
decided to get married. Joseph also had a son, from a previous
marriage. His son's name was Carrington.
The Fairs were a prestigious family with a wealth of
money. And even though Joseph Fair was a multimilionaire, he
loved Lilith quite a bit, and Lilith loved him.
The two boys didn't talk to each other much. Carrington
tried, and failed, to be friends with Sebastien. Sebastien only
stared at him with those ghostly pale eyes of his, which always
made Carrington feel nervous.
Carrington was the same age as Sebastien, but he weighed
40 pounds more, and was much more cheerful and sweet. He had
pretty golden hair, like his father, but his curled slightly,
and his big blue eyes were always full of wonder and friendliness.
Everyone thought that Lilith, Joseph, and Carrington made an
adorably cute family. Sebastien was just this odd looking demon
child who was obviously in the wrong family.
Lilith and Sebastien moved into the Fair house, which
was huge and lavishly adorned with old paintings and valuable
sculptures. Sebastien just didn't fit in. Everybody knew it
deep in their hearts, and one day, he went and unintentionally
proved it.
That day, Sebastien had been feeling anxious and jumpy
all day long. Nobody really noticed that his eyes held a wildly
scared look in them, or that he was more nervous than usual. Then,
at dinner, he seemed perfectly fine, when he stood up very
fast, knocking down his expensive chair, and got down on his knees,
yelling something incoherent about "them". His long nails
streaked down his face, breaking the delicate skin. The maids all
rushed forward and restrained him. He was shaking and saying,
"They want to kill me! They want to kill me!" over and over in
a hysterical voice.
Sebastien was promptly committed to a mental institution.
The doctors who had helped give birth to him 7 or so years ago, had
predicted that Sebastien would be mentally instable. His mother was
from a long line of women who suffered from depression, post-partum
or otherwise. His father was OBVIOUSLY mentally deficit if he had
raped and beaten his dear little sister. So, Sebastien's insanity
was no big surprise. It had only been a matter of time.
At 7 years old, Sebastien Wheeler was the youngest
person at the institute. He was tested and watched and psychanalyzed
all day long. He took different medications every other
week. Some didn't mix well with others, and he was frequently
ill. The poor child was completely miserable.
When he had what the doctors called an "episode", he
would talk to himself, and injure himself, usually scratching
or biting his tender skin. He blamed things on "them" but
never elaborated on who "they" were. Sometimes, he wouldn't
hurt himself. Sometimes he spoke calmly to a person who
wasn't there. His eyes took on a possessed look, and sometimes,
the doctors thought that it wasn't a mental institute that
Sebastien needed. It was a church, and an exorcist.
However, sometimes, he did such damage to himself that
the doctors had to put him in a strait jacket for a few days.
Other than that, he was very unaggressive and silent. He was
a rather sweet child with remarkably good manners. He was
allowed to play the piano sometimes, and he grew very skilled.
His long, thin fingers were perfectly built for playing the
Daily exercises were quite a chore for Sebastien,
as his lungs were terrible, and running, even a short distance,
would find him wheezing and gasping. The doctors didn't force
him to do more than he physically could. They weren't here
to punish their patients, but to find out what was wrong and
how to fix it.
Seven years later, the doctors released Sebastien.
They felt he was as stable as he'd ever get, and they said
that with the help of a little medication and a weekly pschiatrist
visit, he'd be fine.
At fourteen, Sebastien was finally back home. His
mother and stepfather were disgusted in his insanity, and his new
halfsister was frightend of him. Only faithful, friendly,
Carrington made an effort to welcome him home.
Sebastien usually just ignored him. But Carrington
doggedly continued to be friendly, awkward as it was, because
that was just his nature.
Then, when Sebastien turned 17, the Fair family got fed up
with answering questions about their "sick" son, and moved
into a large, pretty house in the country side and enrolled
all three children in new schools.
And that is where the REAL story begins.

To be continued...

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