The Rainbow has Many Colours

Chapter 6

Sebastien stumbled into the bathroom, his vision was blurring... He
sank to his knees on the putrid tile floor of the boy's room and held his
head in agony, holding back a scream by biting his bottom lip viciously. He
didn't even feel the pain from the new wound. Just the blinding pain in his
The pain grew even worse. Sebastien dragged his nails down his face,
moaning softly, as he slumped the rest of the way to the floor, his forehead
resting on the floor. He tasted blood. He licked his lips, wincing in pain.
Shit... he should've known this would happen... They would never leave him
in peace. They wanted to kill him. So why didn't they just hurry up and do
it already?
"No..." He whispered to the floor.
Carrington would be sad... He'd be hurt...
But why should he give a rat's ass about Carrington?
Because... Carrington gave a rat's ass about him, of course.
"Carrington... I need you..."

Carrington was beginning to get worried. He chewed on the end of his
thumbnail nervously, and looked over at Ren. Ren showed no signs of worry,
as usual. Only concerned with himself and his well-being. Carrington should
have expected as much.
Carrington was just about to get up and check on Sebastien, despite
Sebastien's obvious need of freedom and independence, when he looked up.
Sebastien was walking over, holding his head with both hands and
stumbling as he walked. Other kids pointed and laughed. Carrington glowered
at them, and then he noticed the blood. Blood. There was blood all over
Sebastien's lips and eight jagged lines down his face, four on each side of
his face!
Carrington leapt up and grabbed Sebastien's frail body at once and
cried, "Sebbie, what happened?!"
Sebastien licked his bloody lips and looked up at Carrington.
"Banged into the stall. Oops. Silly me."
Then he promptly fainted, slumping into Carrington's arms like a
trusting child. Carrington held his body close, burying his nose in the
other boy's hair. His hair was so soft, brushing across Carrington's lips
and cheeks like a light breeze. It also smelled nice.
Ren laughed from where he sat, still on the ground. "He sure is a
troublemaker, eh?"
"He is..." Carrington unconciously hugged him tighter.
'But he's MY troublemaker,' Carrington thought. 'Well, at least, I
WISH he were...'
Ren couldn't possibly hear his thoughts, but Carrington was jarred
back to reality by his smirk.
"So... Are you one hundred percent sure you don't have the red hots
for lover boy there?"
Carrington blushed. "Of course not! I just have to look out for him
because nobody else does."
"'Of course not'? So you're NOT sure, eh? Heheh. I KNEW it! You're
in lo--"
"That's not what I meant!" Carrington cried, flustered. "I-I just
meant th-that... Well, I didn't mean what... You're confusing me!"
"Good, good." Ren grinned.
"Oh shut up."
Ren saluted. "Yes, Captain Fancy Pants."
Carrington ignored him.

Back at home, Carrington was in the kitchen, with the refrigerator
open, trying to decide what to make for an afterschool snack. Sebastien
was up in his room, safely doing homework. He seemed just fine now, except
for the scratches on his face and the scabbed-over lower lip. Carrington
hadn't been able to get the truth out of Sebastien. He just kept insisting
that he'd hit his face on a stall door. Carrington knew better. Plus, doors
didn't leave four long scratches down each side of a person's face.
Carrington strongly suspected that Sebastien had done it to himself.
But WHY? That's what Carrington couldn't figure out. But, then again,
Sebastien HAD tried to kill himself... It wasn't unlikely for him to injure
himself, too. Maybe it had been a bully? Or--
"Hey! What're you lookin' for?" A cheery voice said from behind
Carrington, startling him.
Carrington turned to see that Lilith and the mysterious boy had come
back from the doctor's office.
"Um, nothing in particular..." Carrington answered, glancing at
Lilith. She was lying her purse down on the counter, and sighing wearily.
"I've been out ALL day and I'm EXHAUSTED." She announced. "Carrington,
be a dear and hand me a beer."
The boy giggled at that. "That rhymed, Mama!"
"It sure did, kid."
The boy giggled again.
Carrington smiled and gave the beer he'd just retrieved to the boy,
who in turn gave it to Lilith. Lilith was now slumping in a chair and popping
an aspirin. Carrington frowned at Lilith's unhealthy habit, but didn't say
anything out loud. Instead, he asked, "So, how did it go?"
Lilith looked up. "Well, better then-- Hey, don't look at me like
that. It's a beer, not a Vodka."
"It's still alcohol mixed with medication." Carrington said in
"Good Lord, child," Lilith said, pulling out a cigarette, which she
only smoked occasionally. "You sound like a father or a doctor or a priest.
One of them whiny, health-conscious types..."
"Sorry for caring." Carrington said bitterly, thinking of Sebastien.
Lilith waved the unlit cigarette through the air. "I'm sorry, I'm
sorry. I'm just... cranky... all right?"
"Well," Carrington sighed. "you didn't say how it went."
"Oh, yes. Well, it was better than we expected. The doctor just
sewed up that nasty scratch on his back, and fixed that broken wrist in one
of those fancy cast doo-bobs. I'm relieved really. It's not like we need
two kids on meds, now do we?"
Lilith pulled out a lighter and lit the cigarette. "Anyway, I took
him shopping, you know, for clothes. God knows we can't have the kid traipsing
about the house in the nude. Then we went out for lunch, and I remembered
that he needed all those hygeine products, so we stopped by Walgreens. Then,
we went by K-mart and bought a few plants for the bald part of the backyard.
And then we came home. But it's a busy day for me. I wish Gary wasn't on
vacation, dammit."
"So, um... What do we call him?" Carrington asked, referring to the
"A butler, chauffer, whatever you feel like. Unless you meant a
curse for not being here, than a--"
"No, no." Carrington interupted. "I meant him."
Carrington pointed to the boy.
"Can you find me something, too, please?" The boy asked.
"You hungry?"
"A little. We did eat two point five hours ago." The boy said,
sounding almost apologetic.
Carrington stared at the boy for a moment. 'Two point five hours?
Is he some kind of weird genius kid?'
The boy looked oblivious to Carrington's stare, so Carrington turned
back to the fridge and fetched two peaches. He tossed one to the boy, who
caught it deftly in one hand. Another surprise.
The boy smiled at Carrington happily. "Thank you, Mr. Carrington."
"Ivy." Lilith said.
"Pardon?" Carrington asked.
"We're calling him Ivy."
"Ivy?" Carrington asked incredulously. "Isn't that a girl's name?"
"Not neccesarily." Lilith said dismissively. "Besides. He said
the name sounded familiar when I told him I wanted some creeping ivy for the
trellis in the backyard. So, I said, 'we'll just call you Ivy until you get
your memory back, okay?' and he agreed. Right, Ivy?"
Ivy smiled serenely. "Right, Mama."
"Isn't he a sweetheart? Even my REAL son doesn't call me 'Mama.'"
"Well, he--" Carrington started.
"Hell, he doesn't even call me 'mom' anymore..." Lilith looked down
at her lap. "Not like I DESERVE it..."
Carrington stayed silent. He thought about the woman who had lost
Ivy. She must be sad now... Wondering where her son was... She'd probably
be upset if she heard her son calling another woman "Mama". Maybe they
should go to the police... But they hadn't seen anything on the news, so...
Ivy took a bite of the peach. Previously, he'd been examining the
curious texture of the fruit. He wasn't sure it was edible.
"Oh, wow!" Ivy's violet eyes widened. "This is so yummy! I've never
tasted anything so fine!"
Carrington laughed. "It's a peach, Ivy."
"Yay! A 'peach'! I love it! I'm so happy, I could sing!"
Ivy looked at Carrington. "Is it all right if I do?"
"Carrington smiled. "Sing. Just not when your mouth is full."
Ivy grinned and held the peach before him with a flourish.
"Oh, peach, peach, I'll eat you on the beach! Oh peach, peach, the
lessons you'll teach! Peach on the beach, peach outta reach! Peach for the
leech!" Ivy sang as he danced around the kitchen with the peach.
Carrington and Lilith watched, both amused.
Just then, Sebastien walked into the kitchen. He took the unusual
scene in with measured disbelief. Then he turned slowly around, to back
out of the kitchen. But, just as he was about to leave, Ivy hopped over and
wrapped himself around Sebastien's arm, nuzzling him.
"Wh-what are you doing?!" Sebastien cried, trying to pull out of
Ivy's grasp.
Ivy looked up at Sebastien with those innocent eyes of his, peeking
out from beneath the white fringe.
"Wanna dance with me?"
"Hell no! Let GO of me!"
Ivy looked hurt for about... oh, two seconds, before he threw his arms
around Sebastien's neck and kissed him, first on the left cheek, then on the
right cheek.
"Okay! Maybe some other time?"
"Yeah. Fine. Whatever." Sebastien was beginning to feel distinctly
uncomfortable. Nobody kissed him, with the exception of his Grandmother.
"By the way, Seba, whatever happened to your face?" Ivy traced a
finger down one of the scratches.
Sebastien moved his face. "Don't touch me."
"But what happened?"
"Nothing." Sebastien said coldly.
Ivy stared at him for a long moment, than hopped away from Sebastien,
clasping his hands behind his back, smiling innocently.
"I'll find out someday."
Sebastien snorted, said nothing else, and turned on his heel out of
the kitchen and away from the strange boy.

"Ivy?" Joseph cried. "Isn't that a girl's name?"
"I like it." Lilith said.
Joseph merely sighed. He wasn't about to argue with the woman. She
was terribly stubborn when she wanted something. Besides, the kid wasn't
going to stay for long. As soon as he recovered his memories, they could ship
him back to his REAL parents, who were no doubt worried sick about him.
"Oh, and Sebastien?" Lilith added.
Sebastien looked at her.
"While the carpenters are building Ivy's room, we're going to have Ivy
switch rooms between you and Carrington. You'll have him for half a week, and
Carrington will habe him for half a week. It's only fair. A growing boy
DOES need his privacy."
Sebastien wasn't sure if she meant he or Ivy needed the privacy.
"Oh, and tonight is your night."
Sebastien frowned. God hated him. That was the only explanation as
to why he had such awful, horrible luck.

In Sebastien's room, Ivy sat on the edge of Sebastien's bed in his
pajamas and bounced up and down energetically. He was waiting for Sebastien,
who'd gone to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Ivy had brushed his right
after dinner.
Ivy hummed as he bounced. Then he began too sing along with the radio,
which was playing a jaunty dance song.
"La la la. It goes around the world..."
Sebastien entered the room, looking tired and grumpy (as usual) and
scarcely even seemed to notice Ivy bouncing on his bed. Ivy stopped bouncing
and watched Sebastien as he went to the opposite side of the bed and curled
up under the blankets.
"Time to go to bed?" Ivy asked, curling up under the blankets beside
Sebastien. Sebastien turned around and scowled at Ivy.
"Who said you could sleep in my bed?"
"Really? Well, I say get out!"
Ivy gave him his best puppy dog look. "But I wanna stay here with you,
"Get out."
Ivy merely bit his lip, then wrapped his arma around Sebastien's hips.
"Please don't make me sleep all alone..." He pleaded pitifully.
Sebastien sighed, exasperated. "Fine. Do whatever you damn well
Ivy giggled and snuggled closer, burying his face in Sebastien's
chest. "Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Mmmmmm... you smell yummy..."
Sebastien scowled as he blushed.
"Yeah, well..."
"I'm so sleepy..." Ivy murmured into Sebastien's chest, suppressing
a yawn. He moaned sleepily. "...'night..."
"Good-night." Sebastien answered back, to deaf ears.


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