No Title

1 You watch them drop me

Into the ground

And before you let that tear escape

You look around

Yes you’re still scared

Of what people might think

If they were aware

You once cared about me

Or was it even love

They aren’t watching you but I am

I can see you from up above

Yes I know it was you

Who betrayed me in the end

It was you I always knew

It was my closest friend

I know you were at

The end of your rope

And I know it was hard

To even cope

Besides they might have killed you

And not killed me

You think I would understand

But the truth is

You should have died

Rather than betray me

As I would have done for you

I know you regret it

I see you look down

Wishing you were in my place

As you pick up that clod of dirt

And throw it down on my face