Why does it take so long?

To find the perfect love?

Out of all the people in the world,

It all comes down to one.

I’m tired of waiting do quiet,

Mr. Right has been Mr. Wrong,

So maybe I’ll finally reach him,

When I end this song.

I wonder why I’m always afraid,

Of finding out I’m meant to be alone.

I want to share my life with someone,

Will fill this need in my bones.

I’ll try some of the guys in my hometown,

But they don’t seem to fit just right.

So I wait for him to return to me,

Looks like another long night.

I’ll listen to the songs,

Of love lost and found,

Send the lost ones my way girls,

Before I’m homeward bound.

I want so much, just to fall in love,

To love and be loved by you.

To feel this heart is full of something,

Somehow it’s all so new.

You tell me your leaving at one,

But in my heart I’m begging you to stay,

I’ll make me a drive, just to see you again,

And quickly smile and run my way.

Do you know how long I’ve dreamed of you?

And to feel your lips against mine,

Did you hear my scream as you turned to me?

And softly told me that it was time.

I wanted so badly just to rum after you,

And hope you knew how I felt,

I wanted you to stay with me and tell you,

But with your hold on me I soon began to melt.

I cry every night for your sweet voice,

And laugh when you knock on my door.

I keep on needing something baby,

I just keep on wanting more.

-March 5,2002