Before we get into this, it should be made clear that I've spent quite a long time in a rough neighborhood. Stuff like this happened enough to give me nightmares. Writing it down helps. It's not only an emotional outlet, it's a creative one. I have a hard time with rhyme and rhythem so if you'd like to review to that effect, go ahead. Much appreciated.

Blood pumps through my veins
Shocks run through my leg,
Forget about my pains

Fists tight
Muscles loose
This is the fight

The world is left behind
There's just you and me
Feel the power sublime

In every person
There's a beast
Hidden by human immersion

Let him loose
Obey his commands
These you cannot refuse

Kick punch feint
Dodge in and out
Attack till nothing remains

Sting in your side
Your guard was down
Now pay the price in pride

Curl the pain around
Use it like a shield
To which you are bound

It makes your senses keen
You see his heart, lungs
B-bap! DOuble tap to the spleen

Now! He's weak!
Finish this!

Fateful step
Open hand blow to the chest
Opponent, well met

Now you're on fire
Adrenaline rushing still
Taking you higher and higher

We stand above him
Victor above the the defeated
Now kill him and complete the sin

In every person
There's a beast
Hidden by human immersion

Human immersion saves you
We are not beasts
The fight is not about repaying dues

Defend yourself with extreme prejudice
Do not kill
But pray that last blow isn't his.

Final Note: I am well-trained in a few martial arts. What I do and what you should do are two separate things. Your first option in a fight is to run like the wind.