© 2002 Devil Doll

You bleed like a cut,
So sinfully mine,
You give yourself to me,
To make everything fine.

I don't give a fuck,
What's rightfully mine,
All I really care about,
Is my need to be divine.

You prick yourself on a thorn,
A sting of pain,
You dig into the herd,
To find a place to fit in.

I am a cunt,
A bitch, bastard, slut,
I don't really give a fuck,
Because this need is divine...

Need peace, need free...
Need bodies, need me....

A fire burns your skin,
You scream again and again,
But you come to find,
No one cares for a pig!

I explore my thoughts of murder,
And claw my nails deep within,
Your heart beat fuels my hunger,
As my tale begins.

A sharp, aching pain strangles you,
You shudder and beg,
But you stop to see,
No one gives a good God damn.

I am a psycho,
A crazy, demented, insane, bitch,
But I'll repeat this cycle,
And throw you all in my ditch...

Need kill, need pain...
Need fullfill, need a game...
I can play,
Over and over again.