© 2002 Devil Doll
(*My seventh period teacher had made fun of a student. This student is one of the students you don't fuck with... He/She will shoot up a school. I wrote this, because, that's what causes it. The people. The lack of control.*)

Sticks and stons may break my bones
Your words will never hurt me
But what you say
Eats away
At everything inside me
A comment or two
May seem alright to you
But to me
They're words of hatred
And what I'll do
I have no clue
But the situation will be handled.

And those sticks and stons
That broke my bones
Will soon be breaking you
And those words you say
That are meant for play
Will soon be playing you
And eating away
At everything you hold inside you.
That comment or two
That seemed alright
Will end in hatred
That situation
Will be handled
With guns, bullets, and anger.

This is what happens
When you play
With someone's feelings who aren't like you...
The words may hurt
The bones may break
But the revenge is always sweet...

And now you'll lay
With your blood array
In puddle
All around you.