© 2002 Devil Doll

Blue eyes
Black tears
I put my arms around you
And swallow your fears
Your heart my be scarred
Your lips bruised
And what you hold inside
May be used
Your body may be covered
In your bloody cuts
And your skin may be ripped open
Showing the true cause
But your feelings, I know
Hold no disguise
I can read them, don't you know
Like a bleeding rainbow.
You may be imperfect
Your soul may be dirty
But I know what they don't
And you're a beautiful portrait
Look into my eyes
As I dry your tears
See into my soul
As I calm your fears
See your pain reflected
Deep inside my heart
See yourself protected
Deep inside my soul
Your arms snake around me
As you see you're not alone
Always your voice finds me
Your feelings true to me
Only your words calm me
Your heart so deeply moving
Only you can see
What I see in me
Only you can feel
The way that I feel
Only you can say
The things that I say
Only you can hear
The things that I hear
Your words set me free
And show me how to be
Only your voice comforts me
And puts me to sleep
So blue eyes cry black tears
On two sides of the world
And two pairs of arms wrap around two bodues
Two people's fears are heard
Two people protected
By gentle words
So look into my heart
As I look into yours
And love me as I love you
So deep inside your heart
And hold me as I hold you
And show you true love.