"Somebody Different"
© 2002 Devil Doll
(*People say things about me... The subject (the lie)*)

Your hatred blinds me
My eyes are sewed tightly shut
You words deafen me
My ears are dripping with blood
Your voice suffocates me
My lungs are gasping diluted air
Your actions paralyze me
My limbs are stiff and bare
Your judgments mutilate me
My skin is welted with cuts
And your prayers rape me
My body is ashamed and snared

The reject (She's not worth anything)
The goth (She's a Satanic slut)
The noise (Her mouth should be taped)
The voice (She's got nothing to say)
The words (What she says doesn't count)
The feelings (She doesn't have a heart)
The pain (Her body is numb)
The stain (She thinks and pretends she's a vampire)
The children (She's had them all)
The diseases (She's severely contagious)
The scars (She hates herself)
The need (She needs to feel pain to survive)
The touch (She turns everything to shit)
The witch (She curses everyone)
The hate (She loves only him)
The life (She's ready to die)
The music (She worships the devil)
The clothes (She has nothing to wear)
The cults (She's something evil)
The interests (She's a murderer)
The obsession (She's a necrophiliac)
The amazement (She sleeps in graveyards)
The background (She's only white trash)
The inspiration (She's obsessed with death)
The infatuation (She'll degrade you to feel like nothing)
The loathing (She despises the world)
The want (She wants to be dead)
The sight (She's fat and ugly)
The cares (She has nothing)
The people (She has someone)
The drugs (She's on everyone one of them)
The truth (Her faith's been raped)
The demons (The voices are in her head)
The dead (No one is living)
The anger (She's out of control)
The hanger (She chokes people with it)
The sexuality (She's a lesbian)
The nobody (She amounts to nothing)
The loner (She doesn't fit in)
The love (She only loves him)
The favor (She wants to kill the world)
The jewelry (She's in a Devil cult)
The makeup (She wears it too dark)
The style (She's a boy in disguise)
The body (She's just a toy)
The posession (She sucks at everything)
The talent (She has nothing)
The friends (She hates them all)
The family (She killed them all)
The truth...
Do you know a thing about me?
The answers...
They won't be answered.
The feelings...
You hurt me deeply
The girl...
She's somebody different.