I watch as the hate seethes over me,

My friends not seeing a change,

I could only be deranged.

One thing counts in this world,

And few know the real reason

why we’re living,

We all waste our precious time….

I keep on hoping to be liked

In a hopeless dream,

But only I can change me

Too bad, it’s too late

I think I’m giving into fate.

I don’t try hard enough to fight back

Only surrender will go through to the end.

Shall I give up this shit,

Jus end it all?

Make a certain phone call.

Saying good bye is just the beginning

I wish I could stay,

But this is just too much for me

Pressures to act cool,

In fucking school

It’s supposed to help you not make you scared…

not make you break all the fucking rules.

I don’t want to end up like them,

In a cell till 2010

I jus want to make it

In this world of drugs and sex

Only trying to make sense.

Will I ever be a guest?

Can I…

Should I?

Be a conqueror, singer, dancer or the rest.

I’m sitting here thinking of ways to get out of this

Nothing comes to mind

I think I will go to R.I.P

Then I will never see LSD

And I will never be someone who I don’t want to be

Finally this shit will never be in my hands

My friends won’t bug me

Bitches won’t be so fucked up

I will just be so very

Alone in the world

Watching everyone growing up

Some in good lives,

Some trying to kill each other with knives

My friends, I can’t see them

I think I would have had to be there for em

To have been able to see their perilous futures.

I watch all alone,

Wondering why I had wished to be friends with them.

I sit here wondering

If I could have just chosen a different path

Instead I went over to her house

That bitch’s brain is smaller than a mouse

Doesn’t think of anything but her self

So why then am I still her friend, I wonder

As I think of revenge

To get her back to what she deserves,

to be alone,

Lost in this world

She’d be confused away and die never again to see the sky.

One time or another I think about things highly intelligent and wonder wtf I’m doing

Then I realize, I got a mind,

I got a conscience,

I just don’t have the courage

To not give in to peer pressure of my friends n’ classmates

Taking the day as if it would be there to take their own hate

on the small and unknown

I look at all these people wondering how they can think like this

Making a big show

Out of nothing but a fucking ho.

I always wanted to know why

Anyone would want to die

And then…I suddenly understood.

I remember this book I once read

It showed a great lesson in the end

And I agree, it is so much better,

to just be a kid again.