You push me away

I cannot see you

I hardly know

What you're all about

There are no more feelings

I want to feel

If they could go away

You wouldn't be here

I know you are real

But you can't see

Caring about that woe

And the other one now

My jealousy is overcoming me

It's my hate growing

The only thing stopping me

From succeeding

It's captured many

Ruined their lives

I can't let it happen

But it's getting unclear.

My hate is growing

Each and every day

No one knows

It's my secret security

I feel for my friends as much as I can

Pretending to be ignorant

So no more feelings can come

But then I seem not to care.

You are there

Caring for.. Somebody.

It's my jealousy

It's getting to me

I understand

I can't feel anymore

You are too distant

I need to leave you

I need to feel no pain

Its time to move on

From this jealous game.

You will never see me

So I cannot care anymore

But I'm too jealous and mad

To leave you be

Someday I will

Move on from this evil game.