Disclaimer: The song 'Lonely Road of Faith' belongs to Kid Rock - I've just been the one inspired by it. Thanx to God also for letting me find out what this life is really about. Have faith, people!

A/N: This poem has a funny story behind it - u c, on this strange li'l Thursday we had gym class and we had to run a mile, but b4 it we have religion class. We were watching this really boring video about the Stations of the Cross, when I started feeling like someone was putting their hand on my shoulder and easing me of my anxiety about running. So when gym class came I felt fine and even made got to help out a person that was having trouble keeping up. Afterwards we had math class and I just had inspiration to write this down in my notebook. My classmates said it was pretty good, actually. ^^ See if u agree. 3 Kilo *muah*

I saw the Lord walking towards me in a dream,

And his eyes made a smile and he gave me a gleam,

He said, "Congratulations, your fearful trip is done,

"The tide has been turned, the good side has won,

"So I tell you now, come follow me,

"And I'll take you to paradise where forever you will be."

I asked Him, "Lord, what do you mean? I've done nothing good,

"I've doubted and cursed everything that I could,

"I've never done anything for anyone but me,

"I've always been mean to everyone I see,

"So what do you mean, 'The trip is done?'

"Am I going to die now and be with my Father's Son?

"Now I have the feeling that people I know will agree:

"Do tell me, Lord, why did you pick me?"

He just smiled and said in reply,

"You've been faithful to me since the day that I died.

"You were always there for the goodness of God,

"And now you can accompany me to where only angels trod,

"So don't worry about the bad things you've done,

"My Father has forgiven you, your sins are gone."

So me and the Lord went on our way,

To a place I've only dreamed about was in the fray.

Just know that in the end, dreams do come true,

And don't worry about anything you've done, God forgives you.