Words on a Page

It's my namesake
You're my mistake
Poetry doesn't always rhyme.

This road is endless
My folks are selfless
No one can capture time.

And leves turn colour
To signify forever
The sea rages on.

We sweep the gardens
With fiery wardens
And compose a tragic song.

I'm direction-less
Your love is endless
Please fill up my heart.

Wind kisses my skin
You do my head in
And one day it's time to part.

A thousand hearts later
But nothing is forever
And the sun does not set.

Papers ruffle
Molecules shuffle
Dolphins get trapped in nets.

And this is random
Like our kingdom
Your love is never here.

It's so far away
If only I could say
I would always hold you near.

Bells jingle
Fire sprinkles
The noise is making me sick.

A special message
With a beautiful passage
For those who make me tick.

He spills water
On my mother
And goes away silently.

If only I could
I so certainly would
Be your bride to marry.

A/N: I wrote this while I was extremely bored in class, and if you visit my diary at http://offence.diaryland.com, you'd know the story behind "he spills water/on my mother". Review, dammit!