False Being

Part 1: Birth

He had come suddenly. After a weeklong rain in the city of NEO subsided, they could hear a faint crying right outside their door. Gwen Hughe looked down at the little bundle, her long nose twitching at the smell of fresh grass. "What should we do?" she asked, wondering whether she should pick it up or leave it. "Should we leave it here?"

Harry just looked at the package, his eyebrows knitted. Then, suddenly, without saying a word, he took the baby and brought it into the house.

That was the year 3768. For weeks after adopting their newborn baby, the old couple couldn't come up with a name. Then a miracle happened. Late at night, they could hear their child laughing and squealing, as if there were another person in there with him. The morning after, they found a gold ring sitting next to him, emblazoned with the words 'Holy Knight". They fiddled around with the first part a bit, and finally came up with 'Lohy'. So Lohy Hughe was born. Now, fourteen years later, the adventure unfolds.

Lohy threw a stray strand of silver white hair back, groaning in pain. "Goddammit! It hurts like hell!" For hours now his right arm had been aching with pain, as if an electric pulse had been forced through his veins. After it had jerked in Science class, he was sent home. Now the pain was increasing quickly, threatening to tear his entire body apart.

Another jolt of electricity shot through his joints, and now he could feel his hands getting number. They tried to curl up, but his nerves were dead. "Aagh!"

He tried harder, fighting against the pain... and succeeded. Within an instant, the pain literally flew away, leaving his hand feeling empty and cold. He stared at his hand in shock, wondering how that could've happened.


The sudden noise caught him off-guard. It was like he heard a... zap?


There it was again! He stared at his hand in fright, seeing small tendrils of blue-white electricity snake through his fingers, centering at his palm. Frightened, confused, and curious all at once, he raised his arm to get a better view. He held it out straight in front of him, wondering what to do.

BWOOM! He jumped three seconds too late, as a giant stream of lightning shot from his fingertips. It slammed into a tree across the street, sending the severed piece flying thirty feet away. "Whoa!" he shouted.

For five minutes later he just stood there, his gaze switching from the broken tree to his right hand and back. When the sound of a car turning into the street came to him, he dropped all his thoughts and ran. It never occurred to him that while he was thinking, another batch of electricity was lacing itself through his arms and that while he was thinking another mind was doing the looking for him.

What should we do? There was a pitch-black void. Three figures... came, putting it at my best. They were just suddenly there, a darker black against black, like a chameleon against its surroundings. An eerie echo of a voice that didn't speak fluttered throughout the endless area.

Nothing as of yet. 'He' hasn't matured yet. If we attacked now, it would upset our rule, a voice echoed, low and deep.

why not? if 'he' is a threat to us, we must dispose of 'him' immediately! the third one thought.

Are you mad, Two? If we attacked 'him' now, before 'he' matures, our powers could be stripped!

then so be it! if it is dispose of 'him', the defect, then any price would be acceptable!

Calm down, Two. There is still plenty of time left until he matures fu- There was a pause in the conversation. Did you feel that?

That I did, Three. Who do you think that is?

it felt like zero. that fool is still trying to bring chaos back to the 'world'. One figure began to flicker, as if leaving this place.

No, it is not. These spirits are alien to us.

Then it is the boy?

If it is, we must be cautious. I fear 'he' may be watching us.

who, the boy or zero?

There was a final flicker before the entities vanished. Both. The emptiness filtered away, revealing a dead forest. Black elves and damned gods charged each other through the branches, surrounded by rogue dwarves and angels of death. They paid no attention to the single blade of pure green, which served as shelter for a small nymph, who slept soundly, waiting for her partner to call upon her once more.

The moment he stepped in the house, he threw his shoes off, jumped into the bathroom, and threw his clothes into the auto-washer. As he felt the water pellets falling on his sweaty body, his hands wandered down to that spot on his chest. The scar there still stood out like a sore thumb. It ran from his left shoulder to the end of his bottom-right rib and had been there for as long as he could remember, and it showed no sign of ever healing. It didn't hurt, but it just got on his nerves sometimes.

Although he wouldn't admit it, he would get a strange feeling on his chest. It didn't hurt, or hurt, but rather it felt... happy. Shaking off the thoughts, he continued his shower without another thought.

Lohy shifted the blanket, sleep starting to overcome him. Hours ago he had run five quarter-mile blocks to get to his house, and he was exhausted. It was now midnight, and those strange incidents from before were beginning to fade off. Just as his eyes began to doze off, a loud shout of, "Meteo!" awoke him. Instinct hurled him off the bed. He got off just in time, as his bed suddenly blew up in a fiery blaze.

"What the hell!? What happened to my bed!?" he shouted, before again hearing the same shout.

"Super Nova!" This time Lohy could faintly make out an outline of multiple flying objects, closely resembling shooting stars. They were hard to keep track of, and before he knew it, he was flying back toward the door, his shirt burnt and an incredible pain in his chest. The scar there burned especially, glowing silver.

"Augh!" More of the invisible projectiles slammed into his body, burning him beyond recognition. He was spitting out blood now, clutching his chest.

"What's going on!?" his father shouted, rushing to his door. He fiddled with the knob, but the door was locked from inside. "What are you doing, Lohy!?"

"Agh!" came his son's reply.

Lohy stared blankly in front of him as his back hit the door. His shirt was completely burned off already, leaving cooked skin behind. He could faintly make out a robed figure, although this one too was chameleon-like. "Fireball!"

Strands of light focused into the person's hand, who was becoming increasingly focused. Then, as a large ball of fire swooped down on him, Lohy felt his mind wandering once more. Lightning began arching through his fingers, and another mind began taking his place. He whispered, his mind almost complete gone, "Somebody... help me..."

End Part 1