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The Unleashing of Tethyre

Chapter 1
The Prophecy

'When the proper moon is revealed and the Star stone shows the star of Tethyre, all the colours of the Silverwind will be called forth to return to Everlast and will rid the sky of the evil held within. When the moon utters these words all will be righted.
I call forth the wind of the Foxyns'

Reena closed her book and retreated to her bed. She remembered when she had got the book, she was three and her father gave it to her as a birthday present. He's gone now, she thought, he died and left me here. Reena immediately scolded herself for thinking that, He can't help the fact that he left, I couldn't save him, I should've been able to though. Besides, she thought, it's not as if I hate it here, I have friends, and isn't that a kind of family?

She let her blue eyes wander around the room. As they landed on her desk the word 'Foxyn' popped into her head, she went over to her small wooden table and plopped her slender frame down on the old chair. Opening one of the old drawers, Reena pulled out a half finished sketch and a charcoal pencil. She looked at her sketch critically, It still looks like a fox! I have to make the shoulders broader and, of course, add the wings. I wonder if all Foxyns are black...they really are magnificent creatures, it's a pity they have to be evil. She put the pencil to the paper and began to widen the Foxyns shoulders.

Sighing, Reena glanced out the small window looking for Tethyres star, it should be in the right spot soon, she thought. She gasped when she saw multiple silhouettes of black Foxyns against the night sky, "Not now!" she cried, I just get settled into this new place and this happens! she thought as she whipped around to dash out the door, knocking her picture off the table. She ran down the servants hall, her white blonde hair trailing out behind her. "Foxyns! Foxyns!" she yelled through the halls at the top of her lungs as she made her way to the bell, she had to warn everybody!

She yanked open the outside door and ran across the court as fast as she could. Her hair was being blown into her face by the wind so she only saw a black shadow before she was knocked to the ground. The fox-like creature flew up into the air again, black energy shot out of the other shadows above her. She felt a swoosh at her back and suddenly felt the white-hot pain of claws slashing her shoulder. They rose up again and shot more black energy at her. She scrambled to her feet only to be knocked down once more as a shot of energy snaked across her chest. A Foxyn grabbed her hair as she once again tried to get to her feet, she whirled around and brought her fists down on its' head. As it hit the ground, she heard a sickening crack, and felt triumph, she knew that one was dead. Another Foxyn grabbed her skirt, she aimed for it's chest and kicked with all her might. All she saw was it rolling across the court. Now the tables had turned, Reena was on attack. She stood still, beckoning one to come, begging for the standoff. It swooped down, using its wings for its weapon. She grabbed it by the neck and threw it against the court yard wall. She could feel the apprehension of the rest of the pack and knew that they would attack in a group. Three raced at her from the front, she raised her hands above her head and as she brought them down a silver beam of light escaped. The three Foxyns lie dead at her feet. Reena looked up to the sky to see where the unexpected assistance had come from, she saw nothing. Panicking, she picked up her skirts and raced towards the bell tower.

Reena scrambled up the flights of stone stairs, trying valiantly to get to the bell, she
kept thinking, I'm almost there. Just a little further. She was so tired, No! she thought fiercely, I have to keep going, I have to warn everybody, I have to save them! I couldn't save my father but I'm not going to let these dammed Foxyns steal this family away from me, they're all I have! This thought gave her renewed strength. Reena ran even faster up the stairs. As she reached the top step her foot caught on a stone and she was sent sprawling onto the floor. She looked up to find the bell rope right in front of her, connected to the burnished brass bell that was about 12 times her size, I made it! she thought.

She picked herself up and leapt into the air, grabbing the rope and pulling it down. It took all her weight to get the brass bell to swing. A loud, resonating sound escaped from the depths of the bell as Reena was yanked into the air by the rope. The sound of the bell was deafening and made her head ache but she couldn't let go, there was too much at stake. As soon as Reena's feet touched the ground, she gave another pull. The bell sounded louder as She kept the routine up. Finally Reena collapsed in a heap on the cold stone floor. She was sure she had not reached the bell in time until she heard footsteps coming up the tower stairs...she drifted into darkness realizing the warmth of blood was running into her blonde hair...

Chapter 2
Serving Day

"Brylin! She was the only one attacked, they must want her" Screamed Princess Kirieyia, her dark hair writhing like snakes about her shoulders, "We must get rid of her, she is putting the whole kingdom in danger!" she pursed her red lips, waiting for his answer.

"Kirieyia, hun, she is one of our best and most efficient servers, we can't get rid of her!" Pleaded Brylin, Besides, I kind of like her. She's very pretty and so much more emotional then Kiri...the Ice Princess. Don't get me wrong...I love her, it's just I get this weird feeling about her sometimes, almost like she—

"Are you listening? Are you willing to risk the whole of Everlast for one girl!?"
she fumed.

Yes, he thought, although he wondered why, "Once more my love, if it happens once more she's gone. You have my word." stated Brylin, "now calm down, here come the servers."

* * * * *

Reena opened her eyes to see a bleached white stone ceiling. She gasped and tried to sit up, a white hot pain sliced through her shoulder and turned the gasp into a groan as she was pushed back down. "Just stay still, you've got a nasty cut." chirped an almost unbearably cheerful voice.

"Where am I?" Reena said in a hoarse voice.

"Oh, well there was an attack by those Foxyns last night and—"

"I know what happened," interrupted Reena, "why am I here, and where is here?"

"'Here' is the Infirmary," she said cheerfully as she rummaged through a pile of things on a table near the bed, "you were sent here by Prince Brylin, he was quite animate to make sure you were well taken care of. Take these." she handed Reena two green lumps cheerfully.

"What are 'these'?" Reena asked, carefully eyeing the lumps.

"Pills," piped the nurse, "They'll make you all better"

"Yeah, thanks" Reena said slowly, slipping the so-called pills into her mouth and swallowing them as quickly as she could,
"Ick! What was in those things"

"Herbs, spices, medicine, magic...it will make you all better" repeated the nurse.

"I heard you the first time, I think it tasted absolutely vile!" she stated with a disgusted look, "I'm leaving, will the pill help any?" she questioned as she got up and started to gather her things.

"It looks like it's working splendidly!" exclaimed the nurse, clapping her hands and practically bouncing around the room, she looked like a chickadee.

Reena rolled her eyes,"I guess your right" she said as she grabbed her dress and ran out the door.

Reena ran into the courtyard and heard the time bell toll, "Chetker, what bell was that?" she yelled to her friend, who was raking leaves.

"Fourth noon, Reena. How are you?" he yelled back from across the court.

"Fine, late!" she yelled back as she dashed into the bathing room, Chetker smiled and shook his head.
Reena grabbed a towel and a brush off the shelf and ran through the door to the bathing room. She stopped dead in her tracks as she saw around 30 guys in the pool, "Oops, wrong room, sorry guys!"

"Hey Reena," yelled Trek, a well known flirt, "why don't you join us?"

"Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with fire, Trek? You might get burned" she retorted as she turned her back on him and walked coolly out of the room, she could hear the rest of the guys laughing at Trek, He disserved it. she thought as she ran into the right room. She deposited her clothes and towel on the ground and dived into the water. When she resurfaced she realized that there was no one else in the pool.

Reena grabbed the soap from a nook in the stone and began to scrub viciously at her skin. She dunked herself and, grabbing the brush, frantically dragged it through her tangled mess of hair. Mildly satisfied with that she grabbed her towel and dried herself off in record time.

As she was lacing up the front of her brown servants dress she heard the fifth noon bell toll, signaling that she had only 15 minutes till the Prince and Princesses dinner. She grabbed her worn shoes and ran out the bathing room doors to the courtyard, and across that to the kitchen. She burst through the wooden doors to the familiar bustling of the kitchen at dinner.

Reena grabbed a handful of berries in one hand and stuffed them in her mouth, while trying to slip on her shoe with her other hand.

"Reena, where are you? Ree! C'mere!" Shouted a familiar voice over the commotion
of the kitchen.

"Over here Ainna!" she yelled back through a mouthful of berries as she hopped in the direction of the head cooks voice, trying to slip on her other shoe as she went. "Sorry I'm late!" she said quickly, "I didn't mean to be tardy, I—"

"None of that!" Ainna said gruffly as she steadied Reena so she could put on her shoe, "I heard what happened. You look a mess!" Ainna's brown eyes opened up in mock alarm.

"Thank you so much" Reena said sarcastically.

"No hun, I mean your hair, you never run around with it looking like that! Fresh from the baths I see." said Ainna, smiling, "Here, lemme fix it." she waved her hands over Reena's head and closed her eyes. She opened her eyes and nodded in approval, "There, that's much better."

"What'd you do?" asked Reena, she picked up a silver platter and looked at her reflection, her hair was pulled back by two small braids at either side of her head, "Thanks! I didn't know you could do that, I like it. Remind me to come to you next time I'm having a bad hair day." she smiled at Ainna again.

"I can do a lot of things you don't know about, just cause have the best of my talent invested in cookery doesn't mean the rest of it is wasted elsewhere." Ainna smiled back at her and reached to add some seasoning to a pot on the stove, causing her long black braid to fall over her shoulder. She fixed it and turned back to Reena, who was giving her a look, "What? Those novices they sent here have no idea how to cook!"

Reena just rolled her eyes, Ainna was always fixing the food. She reminded her of an old cook...even though she was only in her twenties. Reena wished she could have as much luck as Ainna, luck and talent.

At the age of three, Ainna's magical gift was discovered and nurtured to become what it was now. Magic wasn't uncommon, there were many mages around, varying from hedge witch to Silvercloak, the highest ranking. Ainna had more talent in the art of cooking then many older cooks. Her gift helped her find the highest quality condiments and add the right herbs or spices to the food. She could also enhance the taste of some foods. Reena could only do minor mage work, like small spells known to everyone with a gift and some slightly stronger ones. She had a vast array of talents, none of which she was specially skilled in.

Reena sighed,"What would you like me to do?" she asked, eyeing the plates on the table, heaping with food.

"Not much, I still can't believe that attack last night, and right after you moved to the senior dorms. What a welcoming gift."

"Well, they always say your 16th birthday is special!" Reena shrugged, "Well, should I take something?" she asked , "I don't want to get special treatment."

"You do disserve special treatment, you shouldn't even be at your chores! Take the pheasant and light the candles, that's it." Ainna told her, "Light mind you, not melt." Ainna said, this time giving Reena the knowing look.

"I know, I remember last time, I didn't mean to melt them!" she said, pouting

"I know hun, you have to watch your magic." Ainna cautioned as she handed her the plate with the roasted pheasant.

"Yes, I'll be careful!" Reena called back over her shoulder as she walked out the door.

Reena entered the dark dining hall, her shoes making soft clacking sounds on the blue marble floor, and walked over to the familiar cherry oak table. She loved that table, it was so pretty. Roses were carved along the sides and legs. She set the pheasant down on the table and traced the outline of a rose with her finger, Oh, how I'd love to sit here, she thought, maybe even eat dinner with the Prince. Kirieyia doesn't disserve him. Reena sighed and walked over to the shelves along the walls, I know it's just a silly wish, it'll never come true. The shelves were made from the same cherry oak as the table, with the same roses carved on the edges and supports.

She carefully eyed the candles she was supposed to light, These are expensive, the Princess'll have my head if I ruin these!, she thought. She closed her eyes and placed her hand over the first candle in the row of five. Reena reached into her 'Well of Magic', as Ainna called it, and was careful to draw out a thin coil of her magic. She made the silver coil even thinner, so as to not melt the candle. Reena opened her eyes and waved her hand over the wick, a puff of smoke appeared and that was all. She cursed under her breath and tried again, using a bit more magic. Concentrating, she skimmed her hand down the row. Reena opened one eye...she had done it!

* * * * *

Prince Brylin walked into the dining hall and stopped when he saw her, Reena, in his eyes she was the most beautiful servant girl in the castle. He noticed she was lighting the candles, he winced, remembering the last time she had tried and the fit Kirieyia had had. He saw a small flash and a row of five candles were lit. "My little magelit is getting better." he said softly from the dark corner, she turned around.

"Who's there! Show yourself!" She said a bit shakily.

"Just me Reena." He said, walking out of the shadows, "You're getting better."

"Oh! Prince, I'm sorry!" she exclaimed, doing a wobbly curtsy.

"Never you mind, sorry I scared you." he said, taking her hand and kissing it, "Shouldn't you be resting? I gave the nurse orders to keep you in bed, you wore yourself out battling the Foxyns." he said, concern in his eyes.

"I couldn't neglect my duties." she said, blushing, "It wasn't the nurses fault, your highness, I—you saw the battle?!" her eyes opened wide.

"Yes magelit, you did well, warning us. And you weigh very little, all the stairs in the
tower and I wasn't even out of breath." he said, his hazel eyes smiling.

Reena looked at him, taking in his broad shouldered figure, dressed in a simple green tunic and a gold bordered darker green cape. His boots were made of fine leather and their colour matched his dark brown hair perfectly, he was in his mid twenties but he looked as young as her. She looked at her beige and brown dress and brown heeled shoes and wanted to crawl under a rock.

"Reena, why don't you take the rest of today and tomorrow off, here's four full-counts, go to the market and have some fun." Prince Brylin said, handing her the counts.

"Prince! I couldn't, I—I don't disserve these!" she exclaimed, pushing his hand back.

"You saved the castle and quite possibly my life, you're right, you don't deserve these, you disserve more!" he gave her six full-counts.

"No, Prince Brylin, I can't, that's a lot of counts, what would the Princess say?!" though her mind was racing with thoughts of what she could buy she refused, because of her conscience she was missing out on a small fortune!

"Kirieyia already knows about this." he lied, "I order you Reena, take these counts and the days off and go buy something for yourself, that's a command. Now be gone or I shall be forced to chop off your pretty little head!" he said, laughing as the figure of a giggling Reena ran out the door.

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