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Jack be nimble jack be quick jack burnt his butt on that candlestick. He inflamed his eyebrows, he broke nose, and he fell in a heap of un-melted snow. He was rushed to the hospital in a big green van and fixed in a jiffy by Mr. McGan. Everyone thought he was fine and dandy like a big old piece of cotton candy. But old Jack B. Nimble wanted he revenge he wanted to destroy all those candlesticks. So went out all mad as a hound he went out mad and toke it out to town. He tried to take all those thing that were cooked fire, instead of a ham Jack Sprat had to eat a barbed wire. Mother Goose knew he had to be stopped so she made up thing that would scare him the most something that turned him as white as a ghost. All the other fairy tail people just looked at her and stared as jack ran away pulling out his hair. “Mother Goose what made him run?â€