Show Me How

*mournful musical intro, slow tempo, similar to Dido or Leona Naess*

I feel myself losing my way

I don't know what to think or say

All I know's the thought of you

Doesn't mean to me what it used to

The joy of life has lost its spark

As I lie here frightened in the dark

And even in the light of day

These thoughts and fears won't go away


Oh Goddess I'm losing heart

I want it back but don't know where to start

Oh Goddess please show me how

To find faith again, I need you now

I go through the day same as always

Watch laughing faces in the hallways

I envy them their happiness

Inside I feel so damn hopeless

Goddess I know I'm not the same

It almost hurts to speak your name

Someone, anyone, help me please

I'm begging here down on my knees


I can't remember the last time I was truly happy

My soul hurts from all the apathy



fade out

A/N: Just so people know, the fear and doubt has left me now (I'm being treated for depression) but I just wanted to let other people who feel as scared and helpless as me know that you're not alone. Please, if you feel as awful or worse than me, get help. Life seems so much better now for me, and I hope you can feel better too. Best of luck in finding your own faith. Much love and support to you all!