Whee! I found out today that I won 1st place in the poetry section of my school's Literary Magazine, and decided to write a poem in honor of it. (Muahahaha! Victory is mine!) [ahem] Even though I still have yet to find out exactly which poem it was (I'm pretty sure it was Facade, though). Enjoy, and please review. ^_^


Heartbeats -
that manic pace,
throbbing dangerously
on the outside
of this imperfect circle.

Even as they faded
and the candle regained
its soft flicker,
that severed train of thought
was still haunting me,


For the right moment
to extend its lifeless essence
performing the rites
of perdition.

And though the hollow aorta
still beats faintly,
the veins are crippled;
life firmly seized
and stripped naked,


All that was unchaste,
all that was impious...
ready for the gods
to pass judgement,

Their taste
for cruel, fierce illiteracy.
The walls close in,
a bruising force
to annihilate the weak,


In the defeat
of simple courage
and the vain triumph
of blind mortal folly.
The wind -

Even as it charms and lures,
it puts out that last flame
of strength,
breaking that prison,
that imperfect circle,

Releasing me...forever.

Gosh...that's the longest poem I've ever written. I'm proud of it, though. What do you think?