The Letter Poem

Mike went to the
Mall to buy a new bike,
Making sure that the
Medal he won last night
Might fit on the handlebars.
Maybe, he thought, I could go to the
Market to pick up the
Milk that Dad wanted.
Mike rode his new bike down from the
Mall and all the way to the
Market where he picked up the
Milk and, for him, some
Marshmallows and quickly rode home.
Mike pulled up to the house on 54
Main Street, where he found the
Mailman putting something in the old beaten box,
Murmuring as he drove away.
Mike took out the
Mail and brought it to his
Mom, then put the
Milk in the fridge and bike in the garage,
Making sure that the
Medal was still shining bright, then
Marched to his room and fell promptly asleep.

Author's Notes: It's a new poetry style that somebody in my creative writing class made up, and then the teacher made us all write a poem using this style. Undoubtedly, you see what they called it and how to write one. =) My mom liked this one, so I figured I'd post it. *chuckles* I guess it is sort of cute in an idle, passive sort of way. *hmm* And if you ever have the notion to write one, you don't have to use the letter M--it can be any letter of the alphabet. It's actually fun.