Wiseman's Complaint

I am but a lowly mage
Constantly working at minimum wage
At my face the people poke
Throwing berries at my cloak
While I walk down the hall.

I'm so incredibly underrated
My repertoire's been decimated
By the royal King, oh how
He's burned it to ashes!
Why, he pays more on his jackasses!
I lie? no, not at all.

I live upon the raunchy ground
At night subject to the yowling hounds
Due to my lack of sufficient pay
In this [sad] state I will stay.


I wonder if, maybe, at work, for one day
Maybe I'll show up on time today.

Author's Notes: This is supposed to be kind of a humorous view of a medieval, sort of a King Arthur setting, where the poor guy thinks he's being underappreciated, whereas he really doesn't deserve what he wants...I've been meaning to change the title, because I don't think it fits...but any suggestions as to whether I should change it to, and what I should change it to would be appreciated. =)