There was once a child born. This boy was smarter, stronger, and very different than any other child was. This boy was to lead a special life. This is his story. His parents were normal people. They were normal in every way. His parents, Jacob Wallace and Alice Wallace, named their wonderful boy, Xavier.

Xavier had black straight hair, dark brown eyes, and always had a smile on his face that would light up a room. One day, when he was not even two years old, he was playing outside and a man grabbed his attention. The man was juggling a knife. He threw it up into the air and caught it by the handle over and over. Xavier watched in awe as the man continuously threw the knife. The man paid no attention to Xavier because he was so small; the man concentrated on the knife. Xavier slowly crawled over to the man after a merchant showing his wares distracted his mother. Suddenly, Alice noticed Xavier was gone so she looked frantically for him.

"Where is my son!? Where is Xavier!? Has anyone seen my baby!?" She looked quickly around but saw nothing. She looked everywhere and asked everyone, but she got the same result: Xavier was missing. As she came back near where she had first lost him, she noticed a huge crowd. She quickly ran over and began pushing through the crowd.

A small boy of eight or nine years came up to her. The boy tugged on her apron and spoke calmly, "Miss, is that your baby over there?"

She looked over and amongst the people, to her horror, was baby Xavier. He was sitting next to the knife throwing man. He sat there smiling and laughing.

Alice pushed her way through the people, screaming at the man with the knife to stop. Startled the man dropped his large knife. The blade of the knife was six inches long and fell upon Xavier, slicing easily through his lower arm, just above his wrist. The blade exposed the bone causing everyone to begin screaming and running. Xavier's wrist started to poor blood in spurts. Xavier's mom's voice was the loudest of the mob, yelling at everyone to get a doctor.

Xavier sat bleeding and crying for his Mother. Finally, the crowd dispersed and Alice got to Xavier. She held him in her arms pleading to the gods to let her child live. The city's medical physician came and examined Xavier; then looked at Alice.

He frowned and said, "Ma'am: he is going to die. I am terribly sorry. It cut too deeply in the wrist. The tools that I have brought just would not work. Also, he has already lost too much blood. Again, I am sorry."

Just as he finished telling Alice this startling news, she looked down at her first and only child in despair. She saw that the bleeding had almost, completely stopped. Thinking her son was dead; she put him down and wiped the blood from his wound, as she sobbed loudly.

"Sir, look!" Alice said peering at the wound with disbelief.

The man turned and looked at the baby's arm. He watched in horror and total shock as the skin closed, the blood reabsorbed into his body, and even the scar disappeared. Proof of any cut on his arm disappeared and became non-existent. Alice and the man were shocked. A pedestrian noticed the commotion and watched as the wound healed. The baby awoke and began to cry. The woman hollered one word loud enough for all cities in that area to hear: "Witchcraft!"

After this, Jacob, Alice, and Xavier were driven out of the city told never to return.

The Wallace family rode on horses, with two mules following behind, carrying all of their possessions. Alice carried Xavier with her, feeding him and keeping him warm. They slowly trekked for days, passing through forests and over mountains. After their fifteen-day journey fall seemed to be approaching quickly. There began to be a biting cold in the wind. They were worried Xavier might get sick, so they were very excited to find a small area of land that was perfect for them to live on before winter finally infringed on the wonderful landscape. It was two hours walking distance from a small town and had dense forest all around from their land to the town. A stream of fresh water was located not even ten minutes away where many animals such as deer and bear went to drink. Their land and location provided them with much to drink and eat.

Jacob built a large three-room hut for himself and his family. One room was to sleep in, another to store food and water in, and the third to cook in. It was slightly cramped in the hut, so they cooked outside. This left more room to sleep in.

They lived there for five years with no problem, while Xavier grew up like most children of the time. Xavier knew he was special; he knew he was immortal, in his soul, he could tell, but his parents never mentioned it to him. They were always so worried he would have an accident and someone would see him heal. His parents protected him like a baby from any danger. He was always trying to prove his independence to them, but in most cases he received a severe scolding for any action that had any level of danger.

On his fifth birthday, he asked if he could go check, all of the rabbit traps by himself. No accidents that revealed his immortality ever had happened and his parents were less concerned for him. He had shown how independent he was very early in his life, so they let him go on his own. He went through the forest stopping and checking each of his father's traps. The last trap was near the riverbank, so Xavier went over to check it. He noticed the river was rising higher and higher, but he was not worried; he was not going to be anywhere near the bank of the river. He walked over and grabbed the trap; nothing was in it.

He looked around, first downstream towards the town, then upstream. Xavier noticed a beaver dam. It had blocked off the river and the overflow went right over it. Xavier walked up to see how high the river was on the other side. He kept his distance from the water, just to be safe. He looked and saw that the water was three times higher than normal and the beaver dam was about to break. The dam made loud cracking noises every time a wave hit the dam.

Suddenly, the dam made one last cracking noise and smashed apart, knocking Xavier into the river. Xavier was carried away and pushed under the lumber filled surface of the raging river. He swam as hard as he could, but wave after wave hit and pushed him under, knocking the wind out of him.

He surfaced again to get some preciously needed air, but was again knocked by a heavy lumbering wave smashing him into a large sharp rock. Xavier's head was split open. The once brown and blue water became red with blood. Xavier fell into the great darkness of being unconscious. He laid face down in the river as it rapidly pushed him down towards the town. Another wave hit his limp body and he was again pushed under the cold uncaring surface. His lungs filled water as it dragged him along. His leg hit a large boulder in the powerful river that seemed to want him dead. The bones in his leg shattered into a million pieces. Xavier, luckily, was still unconscious while all of this happened or the pain would have driven him to utter madness. His head was healing slowly but the rocks that collided with him slowed the healing down. Everytime his head was almost healed Xavier was injured again because he was floating headfirst downstream toward the town.

Far downstream a man fishing saw the wave of water heading toward him and he backed up leaving his lure in the water hoping to catch a fish that was dragged with the water. Unsuspectingly, he caught Xavier's skin. The fisherman pulled with all his might to fight the current of the water. Slowly Xavier's body emerged from the water. The body was limp and blood was spewing from dozens of wounds.

"Oh my! This poor boy," he said as he ran off to the town to get some help.

Ten minutes later, he came back. Xavier's body was gone.

Chapter 2

Xavier was walking back up to his home with the hook still in his skin and the fishing rod dragging behind him.

In the distance, a crowd of people from the town followed Xavier. They were far enough away from Xavier that he wouldn't hear them speak. They followed him, whispering about the Devil and dark sorcery. Finally, Xavier made it home. Xavier's mother was working on the garden and noticed his approach. She also noticed the townsfolk following him.

"What happened Xavier?" Alice said running over to see him. Xavier's clothes were drenched; signs of blood stained his clothes and a small trickle of blood on his back slowly spilled from where the hook was still anchored.

"I fell in the water after a Beaver dam broke. I got hit in the head with a rock and when I woke up on the shore, this was attached to me. I can't get it off." Xavier started to cry. "I don't think they like me." Xavier looked back at the group of people that were approaching him and his mother.

"Burn them!! Burn them!!" The angry mob shouted. They continued their approach on Xavier and his mother.

"Why do you want to kill my son? Just leave us alone!" Alice said as she pushed Xavier behind her. The mob continued its approach without answer.

Hearing the massive commotion, Jacob came from the back yard. He heard the screaming of the mob and his wife.

"Go away! Now!" He shouted.

The mob then extended their march to include him. They closed in slowly family and began to tie them up. Jacob hit and demobilized five people before fisherman Mathews, the man who had caught Xavier, knocked Jacob out. Xavier cried as he watched the mob attack his parents.

They carried his unconscious father away, then came over, knocked out his mother, and took her away. Once they were out of sight, Xavier began to scream his parents' names repeatedly. He was grabbed by four men and carried away, but not knocked out.

**He was brought back to the town where his mother and father were already tied up to long poles sticking straight out of the ground. Hay was scattered all around and a third pole had no one attached to it. Xavier knew that pole was for him. "What are you doing?" Xavier asked not understanding what was going to happen.

"We are going to burn the devil out of you and your family. Close your eyes and say your prayers and maybe god will have mercy on your soul."

A man stepped forward and tied Xavier to the third pole. A different man then took a torch and touched it lightly onto the hay. The fire spread around Xavier, his father and his mother within seconds. He watched as his mother awoke and began screaming in pain. His father then slowly awoke and joined Alice in what was now a chorus of screams of pain. The fire burnt Xavier's clothes, but also his ropes. This freed him. He tried to save his parents, but by the time he reached them they were dead and he could not lift them. Xavier's skin was burnt to a crisp and there was almost no air. He began to feel faint so he jumped from the flames. The villagers gasped at his appearance. He stared at them with all the hatred man possesses he cursed them in his mind. He cursed them for what they had done. Then he slowly walked towards the mob. His skin was healing and his body was feeling better. The mob made a line right through and he walked leaving the village. No one stopped him. Everyone lowered their heads and didn't look at him as he left towards the mountains. He kept on walking not once looking back.

Xavier slowly managed to keep going for day upon days until he finally found an old abandoned looking temple. It was big, made of stone, but had a very inviting feel to it. Xavier went inside and to his surprise three men were living there. They were priests of three totally different religions stuck together to learn from each other and discuss the wisdom that each held. Xavier asked if he could stay with them. They consulted and finally all said that he could. There was only one condition; he had to learn all three ways of their different priesthood. He studied during the day and during the evening. This continued for years until he was fourteen. After this point the temple was in serious need of repair and modification. He helped them. He dug out clay and mud. He carved stone from a nearby mountain. He cut down trees in the woods. With Xavier's help the temple was completed in two years. Xavier at this point in his life was ten times stronger and smarter than normal people his age. He had also acquired all of the knowledge the priests contained within their brains. His favourite priest was Javen. He was fifty-two and still looked reasonably healthy. Not many people lived to be so old.

Javen walked around outside in the forest every day. He always returned just before his evening prayer. One day Xavier followed him watching everything Javen did. "Xavier why are you following me?" Javen said not two minutes into his walk.

"I follow you to see where you go and what you do. How did you hear me?"

Javen turned around to face Xavier, "I heard your thoughts jumping through the air. If you wanted to know what I was doing why did you not just ask?"

Xavier felt foolish, but he was intrigued by what Javen had said about hearing his thoughts. "Well what do you do out here?" Xavier asked.

Javen began to walk again deeper into the woods. "Come, follow me and you shall see."

Xavier began to follow. Xavier saw many animals and most of them were unfamiliar to him.

Xavier saw Javen sit in a praying position and begin to chant words of a language Xavier never heard before. "What does that mean?" Xavier asked as Javen stopped.

"It is a summon. I am calling for my friend. The language is ancient dragon. Very hard to speak with a human tongue."

"Dragon, why are you speaking dragon?"

"That is the language my friend understands."

Just then a winged creature with green scales landed ten feet in front of Javen. The creature was as tall as the trees and had reptilian eyes. It made Xavier feel small and powerless. "What do you want today friend of dragons?" a loud and deep voice said.

"How can I understand him?" Xavier called to Javen.

"When a dragon speaks its own language everything understands."

"Who is that?" The dragon said making the trees thunder and the birds take to the air.

"This is my student Xavier. He thought it was time for him to meet you."

The dragon looked at Xavier and then moved in closer. Xavier began to tremble. When the dragon stopped it was only three feet from Xavier. Xavier could smell the breath of the dragon. It smelt like a fire burning animal meat. It was horrible. "This little man is special. He holds with him a secret. He is much like a dragon because of this glow he has that makes him live. I ask you again friend what do you wish of me today?"

Javen looked at the dragon and said "my friend I need your help. Our garden has little life and we have no money for seeds. What shall we do?"

"Go to your garden. Walk three paces south and dig ten feet down. Water will rise to fill that hole. Give your garden twice as much water. The hot sun is trying to pull the water to it. The sun can only take so much. The rest will give your plants food."

"Thank you my friend." Javen said rising to his feet and giving the dragon a side of lamb.

The dragon took the lamb meat between his thumb and his index finger and put it in his mouth like it was a small tomato. It was so small to the dragon that it barely had to chew the meat. The dragon then flew off leaving Xavier thinking about what the dragon said.

Javen looked at Xavier and said with curiosity "what did my friend mean when he said you have a secret?"

"I do have a secret that let me live while my parents died. It put my family to shame and cost a great deal of trouble for my mother and father. I can't die. I heal quickly. I grow smarter very easily. I am stronger than many men. I am different."

"We are all different. You have been chosen by the gods to be special. You should embrace it. I could tell when you got here you carried a great weight on your shoulders. You have an old soul. I can tell because of your eyes. The tragedy you went through is in the past. This is a gift cherish it."

"My parents are dead because of this gift. How can I like something that only causes me grief?"

"You must find ways to use it. You must use it to help others and yourself. Never forget that you were put on this earth not only for others, but also for yourself. It is okay to be greedy every once and a while. Just do not make a habit of it, please." Javen smiled at Xavier and then Javen was gone. Javen had disappeared right before Xavier's eyes.

Xavier went back to the temple and dug the hole that the dragon had spoken about. After a while Xavier began to tire because most of the digging was bringing up rocks that slowed him down. Then from nowhere water seeped into the hole and filled it up to the top. For a few minutes the water was muddy; then the water cleared. The water was clearer than any water Xavier had seen. Cleaner than the cleanest river water. Xavier and the other priests, except Javen who was nowhere to be found, slowly filled their buckets and poured them onto the dying garden. Two days later the garden began to flourish with life. The plants were growing at an astonishing rate. They seemed to grow right before a person's very eyes. The fruit and vegetables were larger than any season before and there were many more on each plant. The priests were ecstatic at the results.

Xavier began to worry. Javen was never gone for such a long time. He asked the other priests if they have seen him anywhere, and he got the same answer from each of them: no. Xavier went out into the thick of the forest and got into a praying position and chanted the same chant Javen used to call the dragon. The dragon came from the sky and landed ten feet away. "Dragon, I need your help!"

"You dare call me dragon?" The dragon said with anger. "Would you like if I called you 'Human'?" The dragon looked at him in contempt.

"What shall I call you?"

"I am your friend am I not?"

"Yes. Oh! I understand. My friend I need your help."

"What is it you need?"

"I can not find Javen. Have you seen him?"

"Yes. I have. So have you."

"Where is he?" Xavier asked impatiently.

"We see him every time we look at the stars at night."

"That, my friend, is a cryptic response. Where is he?"

"He has moved on and now helps light the sky with his soul." The dragon took off into the air blowing leaves off trees and almost knocking Xavier over. He now understood what the dragon said. Javen was dead. This made him very sad, and he did not know what to do. Javen was the man he wanted to be like. Javen was his father figure. Xavier then remembered his parents and mourned for their death and Javen's. He then made up his mind it was time to go, but before he left one of the priests came over to his room and gave Xavier a puter pendant. It was a dragon with a small red ruby in its mouth. Xavier loved how detailed the dragon was and thanked the other priest. The priest then left and Xavier shut his door behind him.

It was a beautiful mid-spring day and the sky had not a cloud in it. Xavier packed up what little things he had and began to head west to where he heard many colonies were being created. Land was abundant and good money was to be made. Xavier wanted to start his own family. He knew he would at least need a house and a wife, so he needed to be near a town or city. He walked for five long days making camps each night. He slept under the stars and thanked all of the different gods he had learned about for the wonderful warm starry nights. He barely slept because his mind was blazing with thoughts of his future, and when he did sleep he only dreamt about his future. Sometimes his dreams were wonderful and sometimes they were nightmares. Finally, when he reached a large city, he was assigned a small plot of land. It was fairly small, but it was beautiful. It was just what he needed. It had a small river flowing right through the center that was so shallow he could barely take a bath in it. He built a small house and cultivated some of the land to be a small farm. He made his house near the river so he would have quick access to water. When his small plantation of wheat was full-grown he sold it in the city's market.

He went to town every other day to get any food that he needed and to get seeds. Xavier was also there to look for a wife. He wasn't very wealthy and many men who were older and richer were living in the city. He was fifteen when he met Miranda. She was tall and looked very athletic. She was a farm girl. She had a nice round face, straight brown hair that went to her shoulders. Her blue eyes are what stood out on her face the most. She had the brightest blue eyes Xavier had ever seen. He fell in love with her immediately. She was two years younger than him and her father wanted to marry her off to the highest bidder. Not many men wanted her because of her aggressive personality. She had almost killed a man that wanted to marry her. One night he came to secretly court her he got into her room and when she awoke he was trying to kiss her. She kneed him in the stomach and when he was on the floor she put her knee into his throat suffocating him. Her father came in just in time to see the suitor pass out.

This did not slow Xavier's approach towards her at all. In fact the strength that she showed only made his desire for her worse. He approached her father first. "Sir, I would love to marry your daughter. I would treat her like a queen."

The man looked at him and laughed, "How much money y' got?"

"I haven't much, but surely a man as respectable as you need not more money?"

"She's fo' sale; plain and simple! If y' got no money y' ain't got no wife."

Xavier began to become angry. He decided he would see her behind her father's back. He went to see her as the sun rose hoping her father would be asleep. Lucky for him he was sleeping soundly as his rooster crowed away. He didn't even twitch. Xavier climbed up to Miranda's room noticing she was still asleep he watched her for five minutes. The sun continued to rise and then Xavier decided he could wait no more. He tapped on her window. Miranda woke up with a startle. She looked out her window and noticed Xavier. She went and opened the window just enough for his fingers to slip through and then she smiled nicely. Xavier thought this was her way of showing him she wanted him to come in. He put his fingers in the space she had made and began to push up the window. Just as he did so Miranda slammed the window back down crushing Xavier's fingers. This didn't hurt Xavier and healed within seconds. This startled Miranda because she had used this trick before and the man would always scream notifying her father. Her father would then grab his gun and try to shoot the legs of anyone trying to escape. He had succeeded twice as far as Xavier knew. Xavier thought he was different and she would just instantly love him. He looked at Miranda and tapped on the window. Xavier then said as politely as he could, "Please let me in. I just want to talk."

Miranda took her knife from her drawer and then walked over to the window. Xavier smiled politely. "You can come in, but if you do anything I will stab you." She emphasized the "will" part making sure Xavier knew what she was prepared to do. She opened the window all the way. Xavier came in. Her room was small and had very few things. It had a bed, a table, and an area with candles.

Xavier sat on the bed. "Nice room." He said trying to think of what he could say. He noticed that unlike her father she was able to speak English very well.

"It is too small and has old things. I hate it." Miranda said back being extremely defensive.

"I like it. Many people are too cluttered with stuff to appreciate what they have."

"I am poor. Being poor doesn't give a great view of the world. It makes me want what others have. Do you have much money?"

"No, I have probably only a little more than you."

"Everyone has more than us. Why are you here?"

"I came because I love you."

"Yeah right. You probably didn't have enough to pay my father and want me to come with you for free. You just want a woman who is considered white trash to do with as you please."

"Why would I want a woman like that?" Xavier said with a kind and gentle tone.

"A woman that is white trash is just used by men to have sons. Men like that are pigs!"

"If you thought I was here for that, why did you let me in? I think you have heard of my reputation in town and it intrigues you. I think you are interested in me. I also think that you want to love before marriage. Give me a week and if you don't feel love for me as I do you, I won't stop you from returning home without even a good-bye. "

Miranda sat on her bed and thought about it for a minute. She contemplated being poor forever. She wondered what it would be like to marry a man she loved. It brought her back to when she was a child dreaming about her prince. Then she looked up at Xavier and said "One week, no more!" She walked over to the window and opened it. She then pointed out the window.

"You won't be disappointed," Xavier said with a smile on his face. He then took his exit.

After he'd jumped down Miranda looked upon her bed and saw a single red rose. She quickly rushed to her window and yelled out to Xavier, "how did you know I would say 'yes'?"

"I knew." Xavier then bowed and walked away.

The father hearing the yelling went out onto his small, old porch. "Hey, get you back here you pervert!" he yelled, but alas Xavier was already too far for the old man to even think about chasing him. Miranda's father went upstairs. "Who t'hell was that!" he said with a furious tone. His face scrunched up and he looked like and old worn-out bulldog. His fist was raised to hit her and she quivered down.

"I don't know. He jumped up here and I hit him good. T'en he left," she said the way her father would have. She spoke this way because she had been hit many times for using words her father didn't know. She didn't know why she was protecting him, but she felt that she had to.

He lowered his hand and looked at her straight in the eye to try and tell if she was lying. "Next time one dem perverts come up here, yell fo' me."

Miranda slowly nodded her head hoping that she didn't aggravate her father further.

"Good, now make me supper!"

The next day Xavier went to the Bakery and got a loaf of bread and some cheese. He then went to the river and got some flowers and fresh water. After all of this was done he went to Miranda's house. He climbed up and tapped gently on her window. She awoke with a fright. She smiled when she saw Xavier. She opened the window, and Xavier made a hand gesture to come outside. She did so after rapping herself in her tattered old robe and some moth eaten sheets. There they ate breakfast and watched the sun rise. After and hour in the chilly morning air Miranda looked at him and saw his blue lips. She smiled and said "It is cold; you will rap this sheet around you!"

Xavier bundled himself up with the sheet and laughed.

"What are you laughing about?" Miranda said angrily.

"I am laughing at the way you said that. You said it more as a command than anything. Why do you do that? Do you ever let your boundaries down and relax?"

What Xavier had said made her angry and also embarrassed her. "I think you should go. My father will be awake soon. "

"I am not going to leave until you say when you are going to meet me again."

"I will tell you if you promise to leave right after!"

"Of course, you have my word."

"Meet me in three days under the willow by the lake. Just after sunset I will arrive. If you are not there I will know you are a fraud. Now go!"

Xavier jumped off the roof and sped away from the house. He was so happy. He had never dreamed he could feel happiness after all of the pain and sorrow in his life. The three days passed like one as Xavier's excitement built. On the third day he prepared for Miranda and him to meet. He got a thick blanket, a long and wide sheet, to share, and some fruits from near by trees. He also went to buy a box of matches for a candle he had brought from home. Everything was setup with minutes to spare. Just as he had totally finished preparing out she walked into the meadow and towards Xavier. She smiled and so did he. She sat down and ate an apple. Xavier waited and waited, but she said nothing.

"So, I am glad to see you came. I wasn't sure if I had gone to all this trouble for nothing." Still she did not speak.

"Will you take me away from here?" She asked with her head lowered.


"Will you take me away from here if I marry you!?"

"What's going on?"

"My father is going to kill me. He knows you and I have been talking, and he said he would kill me before he ever let me go for free. All he wants is money! You are the closest thing I have had to a loving relationship. You have to take me far away from here. You will won't you?"

"Of course, but aren't you moving a bit fast?"

"Don't you love me?"

"Yes, I do, but I had hoped to take this slowly and romantically."

"I would love to, but it seems we have little choice in the matter."

Miranda took Xavier's hand. She pulled him along. Xavier dragged behind trying to keep up with the swift woman he loved. He was also slightly dazed by all that was happening.

"Where are you going?" Xavier asked running out of breath.

Miranda stopped. She looked around and began to look puzzled. "I never planned that far ahead."

"Why don't we go to my house and get a few things?"

"Sounds great! Let us carry on then!"

Xavier then lead her in the direction if his small shack of a house. "This is it." He said with a smile. Xavier pushed open the door and walked in.

"Quickly!" Miranda repeated over and over encouraging Xavier to move faster.

Xavier grabbed all of his main things. He packed clothing, food, and a few essential tools. They both then went, and got themselves one of Xavier's horses, he only had three. They mounted the old tired horses and Xavier carried his gear. The third horse was tied to his. Xavier began to plan. The third horse would be sold and so would the one Miranda was on. They were both old, but still worth a fair bit of money. They then trekked miles from Xavier's old house. They traveled for days and days. Xavier slept rarely; he was too busy planning his future with Miranda. He imagined a house, a small farm, and maybe even a child or two. He then remembered his parents and what had happened to them. He began to think the worst.

Xavier began to fall asleep. In his dream he was married and had a small boy much like himself. His son's name was Alexander. Alexander, Alex for short, had the same curse or gift that Xavier had: immortality. This troubled Xavier greatly. He watched his son live a life exactly the same as his was. This time though it was Miranda and Xavier as the parents. Alexander's life went on and on until the day Xavier could never forget: the day his parents were burned. Xavier watched this time he tried to defend his boy against an angry mob. Miranda and Xavier were taken and tied to wooden poles. Alexander was also tied to a pole. The fire started and Xavier and Alexander lived, burnt but alive. Miranda being mortal wasn't so fortunate.

Xavier awoke suddenly. He was dragged from his dream crying like a baby. Miranda was near him holding him not knowing what to do or how to act. "Bad dream?" Miranda asked trying to console him.

"A dream that opened my eyes and I was scared of what I saw." Xavier began to gain control over his emotions and put them in check.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"Not really. We should camp here and rest. The horses are tired and we have a long journey left."

"Where are we going to go?"

"I have heard of a large village two more days from here. It is quiet and old fashioned. It has little in the way of new ideas. It also has a need for well-taught men for farming. I believe I can make some money there to support us."

"You really do care about my well-being don't you?"

"Yes, I do. I will take excellent care of you. I love you. I have loved you for a while. You just never gave me a second look, so I assumed you would never give me a first chance."

"You are probably right. Before two days ago I still would have said 'no', and I definitely never ever thought I'd be running to another town with any man, let alone you." Miranda laughed and slid her hand on Xavier's leg.

Xavier smiled and felt comforted by her soft hand. "Thank you muchly." Xavier said smiling. His voice had a playful cockiness that Miranda picked up on.

Miranda looked into Xavier's eyes. She felt herself being drawn closer and closer to Xavier. Her lips curved slightly and so did his. Their lips touched and for a brief second Miranda knew she loved him and that she belonged with him. The second ended, and their lips parted. They looked at eachother for long seconds. The world around them slowed to a halt. Nothing but eachother mattered. They both felt covered, protected from all of the harm, anger, and damage the world could dish out. Miranda smiled and leaned in for a second kiss. Xavier leaned in also. Their lips locked again. This time the embrace was more passionate and longer. The held eachother in their arms and continued to kiss and cuddle throughout the night. They fell asleep late in the evening.

When they awoke Xavier found Miranda watching him. "You sleep like a baby," Miranda said breaking the silence of the chilled morning. The sun had barely reached the tops of the trees and already Xavier knew this day would be excellent.

"So what if I do? Is that a bad thing?"

Miranda just smiled. "I have no comment." She laughed and got up, "I made up the rabbit that you had in your pack. Did you catch this?"

"Yes. I caught it a week ago. I then smoked it to preserve it."

"When did you learn to catch rabbits?"

"When I was a child. My father taught me. He could hunt any animal. He was a master hunter."

Miranda listened as Xavier told a lengthy tale of how his father had caught a giant wolf. Miranda loved the story because Xavier included much more detail than any storyteller she had ever did hear. "Wow! That was such a wonderful story. You tell it with so much enthusiasm. I could feel the emotions running through my body. I could see the images you were describing. You have quite a talent."

"Thank you, but it is so well told because that is the way it was told to me. My father deserves the credit."

Miranda looked into his eyes. She saw a darkness that was brought forward by the mention of his father. "Will I ever get to meet your parents?"

Xavier was startled by the question and had a hard time holding his emotion in. "My parents died."

"How did they die?"

Xavier fell silent and lowered his head. "They are dead. Can we please talk about anything else?"

Miranda didn't understand Xavier. She was trying to get to know him better, but kept on hitting blocks in her quest. "Okay, if that will make you feel better. Besides we should be heading on."

Xavier got up and untied his steed. "Yes, we should. We have a ways to go. Hopefully we will arrive by tomorrow evening. I will keep us going at night. I don't need that much sleep. Can you sleep on a horse?"

Miranda got on her horse and kept up with Xavier. "Of course, I have slept on a horse for many days before."

"Good!" After Xavier said it silence befell them both. Little talking if any occurred as they continued. Many hours later they came to a large river. It had heavy rapids, but there were many huge platform type rocks protruding from the surface. "We can get across on those platforms. The horses might have a hard time so we should get off and lead them slowly."

Miranda dismounted her horse and slowly dragged the unwilling animal along. Xavier was just a few paces ahead slowly placing each foot firmly on before totally letting all of his weight go on the rock. Miranda was less careful and didn't care about the slippery parts of the rocks. She walked almost like it was natural. Xavier finished crossing and led his horses onto the solid ground. Miranda had a few rocks left to go. The horse then suddenly knocked Miranda to the side and ran to the shore. The horse had hit her and unbalanced her. Xavier watched as the only love of his life fell into the rushing white rapids.

He dived in after her trying with all his might to catch a glimpse of where she was. Her head bobbed above the surface for an instant and Xavier saw it. He swam hard against the current. He was thrown against many rocks and ignored the small tinge of pain he received from his ribs breaking into small pieces. "Miranda! Miranda! I'm coming!" He shouted with at the top of his lungs. He knew in his mind that she had not heard his cries over the loud rumbling noises of the river. Her head popped up again. Xavier noticed her face had been cut badly. He moved his arms and legs with every ounce of strength he possessed. He noticed he was getting closer and closer. He breathed a sigh of relief as his fingertips touched hers. Xavier dragged her bleeding and unconscious body to the shore and gave her mouth to mouth. After two minutes she awoke with a spatter of water coming from her mouth.

"You saved me?" Miranda said with awe at the fact that someone risked their own life for hers.

"Of course. I would never let anything take you away from me! I hope one day you understand how incredibly special you are to me." Xavier was now looking around for anything to help with the gashes on her forehead. "Can you walk? We should get back to the horses."

Miranda laughed, "If they are still there you fool."

Xavier watched as the corners of her lips raised in a smile. It was the most wonderful smile he had seen on her since they met. The fact that it was partially because of him made him feel great joy. His nerves were a bit rattled, but all he felt for that one moment was complete happiness.

They slowly hobbled back to the horses. The horses didn't go far away, so it was easy to get everything packed up and ready to continue. When all was done Miranda had one of Xavier's shirts wrapped around her head looking ridiculous and they were both sniveling from being so cold and wet. Miranda looked at Xavier and smiled. "What is it?" Xavier asked once he noticed.

"I think we should have taken our time and brought more clothing."

They both let out a long laugh that went on for minutes. It seemed so silly to them that they hadn't enough clothing to change into something dry and warm.

Their adventure continued. They slept once more under the stars. They both slept because Xavier and Miranda were both exhausted by the wild ride they had. When they awoke they continued riding until they got to the town. "Who are you?" The gatekeeper demanded.

"We are Xavier and Miranda. We want to move here. I am a good, strong farmer. I heard you were looking for some. We have traveled many days to get here. May we enter?" Xavier said in a loud and slow tone. He didn't want any of his words to not reach the guards ears.

"We are looking for some farmers. You may enter. Go to the Town Square and you will be assigned a small plot of land and given a reasonable quota you must meet."

"Thank you," Xavier said with an exaggerated smile.

"Thank you," Miranda also said keeping her head down as a sign of respect.

"Welcome to Bethos City"

The gate opened. Inside was a busy city. People and animals everywhere. Many people with smiles on their faces as they carried out there business. Xavier wanted so bad to be like them. He had never seen a village or town so alive, so happy. "Can you believe this?" Xavier said with his chin almost touching the ground. His amazement was overwhelming.

Miranda then looked at him and with a tone of giddiness she said, "it is quite wonderful."

She looked at the women and children. The women were treated very well here, and Miranda felt like she stood out. She had on very drab clothes that had been repaired only a very few times. Her clothes had seen better days. Everyone in the village was wearing bright clothes. "Have you ever seen such wonderful colored clothing?"

"I have heard of such thing, but I have never seen it before. They are very nice." Xavier noticed a man that was walking by the man looked at them almost strangely at first and then he approached them with a big smile upon his face.

"Hello!" He said with a chipper and happy tone "you must be new around here?"

"Yes, we are." Xavier began to smile back. He found it almost contagious. "What a wonderful village you have here."

"Thank you." The man had light brown hair and rosy cheeks. He was much shorter than Xavier, but he still looked strong and fast. "All newcomers are welcome here. The Town Square is where you should go. It is up that way." The man pointed down the nice stone road towards a fountain that wasn't on.

"Thank you…I didn't catch your name. What should I call you?" Xavier said trying very hard to make new friends where he could. Miranda stayed behind him basically cowering in his shadow.

"Folks around here call me Jeremy. I work as a master of many talents. My main one is sword making. If you ever need one for a reasonable price just ask. Who might you two be?"

"I am Xavier and this is my fiancé Miranda." After he had said this Miranda came out for a moment to wave a polite 'hello' to Jeremy. "Thank you again."

"No problem. Hope to see you around." Jeremy then carried off on his way.

Xavier and Miranda went to the Town Square. Thirty people were there trading goods for flags. Each flag had a colour and a letter. Xavier went over to the table and found out that land was being assigned by the importance of the job the person would be filling. Most of the larger and better-maintained lands had already been taken. Xavier didn't see any bigger ones that appealed to him. He chose a job as a smaller farmer of grains. He was given a small plot of land. It was bigger than the one he had before and it was far enough away from the village that he knew it would be private. Fate had given him the perfect place to start his future.

They headed to the plot of land that was assigned to him. It was heavily forested on one half and ready for planting on the other. The house and the road divided the two. The house was a one-floor cottage. It was more elaborate and larger than any house he had before. It seemed almost too much for Xavier. Miranda loved it. She continued to mumble how it was her dream house and how wonderful it was. All of the things that Xavier didn't like about it disappeared when he saw her smile at everything. The happiness once again rubbed off on him.

"So do you really like it?" Xavier asked already knowing the answer.

"Of course I do you silly fool." She smiled and ran about. She had finally gotten to a place in her life that she would cherish forever. "I can not believe this is all ours."

Xavier began to think ahead. He knew that his claim to the land was only good as long as he farmed. Most people would be lazy at first, but Xavier would be, by tomorrow, working hard in his fields.

Months passed. Their status in the community grew more prominent. Xavier and Miranda got married and Xavier was given two more fields to tend. He barely ever let himself get side tracked. He knew that he had work to do and he did it. They made more money in those months than Xavier had ever seen in his life. Miranda bought he wildly colored dresses, and Xavier bought and sold workhorses and oxen. The time came when Xavier had enough saved for what he wanted most: a sword. He went into what had now grown into a city of great size and wealth. Bethos City was now best known for two things: its huge supply of wonderful foods and its gloriously wonderful, hand-crafted swords. Xavier went in to the city and right into Jeremy's shop. "Hello Jeremy my brother." Xavier said with a strong friendly voice.

"Hello my brother. What can I do for you?"

"I need a sword a good sword, a great sword. You are the best so here I am." Xavier smiled and gave a nice, but strong pat on the back to Jeremy.

"What kind of sword?" Jeremy said getting right down to business.

"Funny you should ask. I have a drawing of what I want right here" He reached into his pocket and pulled out an old piece of paper that looked like it had been folded many times.

"Thought about this much?" Jeremy said with a hardy laugh. He took the paper and began to look it over. It was a long, thin, lightweight sword made from very expensive materials. "How much do you have?"

"I have this much." Xavier pulled out enough money to buy the materials, but there would not be any other money. No profit was to made from this deal. Since it was Xavier, Jeremy nodded his head.

"Thank you so much. I know what I'm asking for is almost impossible with the money I have if anyone can do it you can."

Xavier handed the money over and left. He went back to his home to Miranda. Miranda had made most of what he had possible. "I'm home my beautiful lady."

"Hello, my dear." Miranda jumped up and raced over to him giving Xavier a big hug.

"I missed you too. How is it going?"

"I have made myself two new dresses. One is a fabulous red and the other is a nice brown." Miranda was still excited by all the things she had. Taking care of the animals and helping in the field was hard, but her rewards seemed endless to her. She had almost everything she could ever want, including a husband that she truly loved. The only thing she felt was missing from her life was a baby. She was beginning to want a child. Growth of the town's size was enormous because couples that had kids were given more land and extra privileges. She also wanted one to make her feel complete and happy. She knew it would be harder on her and Xavier, but she also thought that Xavier wanted a child.

"You look so beautiful. Shall we go out tonight to show off your red dress?"

"I was hoping to stay in. You know so we can be closer. We are married and we never did truly have a honeymoon."

He knew she was right. Every time he thought about sex he remembered that frightening dream he had of his son living the way he did. He did not even know if his child would be like him. He decided to take a chance. He wanted a child, and he was willing to protect it despite any costs to himself.

That night they stayed in Miranda was flirting heavily and trying to arouse Xavier into bed. Xavier didn't need that much arousal from Miranda because he had always thought her very attractive. That night they made love. Xavier's and Miranda's first time. Xavier enjoyed it thoroughly. Miranda also did. All and all it was a spectacular evening for both of them.

The sun rose on another day and they woke up in eachother's arms. They smiled at eachother for a few minutes before getting up. Days passed and then weeks and months. Miranda became pregnant, as they both knew she would. Miranda and Xavier were so happy. They began to ready their house for a child. Miranda began to have to work less and rest more as the date to the baby's birth approached.

"What name shall the baby receive when it enters this world?" Xavier said to Miranda one day as she watched him work on the field.

"If it is a girl it shall be Samantha. If it is a boy you can name it. If that is all right with you, honey."

"Fine with me." He smiled and began to ponder what name he could give his son that was a strong name, and a noble name. "Does Alexander sound good if it is a boy?"

Miranda smiled, "perfect! Alexander is perfect."

Xavier continued to work hard until the day was done. He then headed down to Jeremy's Place to pick up his sword. His anticipation was so high that he was shaking. He entered Jeremy's house and went to his workshop. "Hello, my brother!" Xavier said finally finding him.

"Hello. I guess you are here to pick up your sword. It is done. It is my finest creation. Almost perfect." Jeremy took the sword from a storage cupboard. It was in a sheath that was also customized. Jeremy handed it to Xavier. Slowly he drew it from the sheath and saw the brilliance that was to be his sword.

"Wow!" Xavier's mouth dropped, "It is almost perfect!" He moved the sword. It was light, strong and beautiful. "I must pay you more for this fine piece of work."

"I wouldn't have it my friend. Take it, it is yours."

Xavier took out his change purse and gave him some extra money. Enough to pay for the work and the time it took Jeremy to make it. There was even a little extra profit for Jeremy. Everyone was happy. "Thank you so much. This sword means so much to me. If you ever need a favor just ask."

"Thank you. I am glad you are happy with it. If you ever need another sword, just ask me."

On that note Xavier took his leave. He went back to his house with his beautiful sword. He put it away under his bed. Just as he his it Miranda came in. "Xavier, it is time!"

"Time for what?"

"Time for our baby to enter this world!"

Xavier felt his body rush with adrenaline. His heart began to race. His child was coming. He jumped onto his horse and rushed to the city. He woke up the town's doctor. He rushed the half-awake man back to his house to deliver the baby. Hours passed and Xavier waited and waited. He didn't want to be in the room because he felt it strange and disgusting. At the same time though he thought about watching his baby come into the world and see Xavier when he or she first opened its eyes. He opened the door and peered in; Xavier's stomach prevailed. The blood gushing all over the place and the screaming woman drenched in sweat made his stomach turn and he closed the door almost on his own nose.

Finally a man's voice, the doctor's voice, came from the room, "I think it is safe to come in now."

Xavier entered. He looked at the small bundled object in Miranda's arms. It was his baby. "Is it a boy or a girl?"

"It is a boy." The doctor said with a smile.

"It is Alexander John Wallace. I picked the middle name. Do you like it?"

"John? John is wonderful. You are wonderful. The doctor is wonderful." Xavier's troubled past didn't matter. He had a son. In that single moment everything felt right.

The moment passed and the doctor left. Miranda and Xavier cuddled with their new baby boy Alexander. After four hours of watching his wife and child Xavier fell asleep. Once again a nightmare infiltrated his mind. It was the exact same one that had been haunting him for a while. The death of Miranda because Alexander being immortal. He woke with a start once again. He was drenched in sweat from the terrible dream. He went over to Alexander's crib and picked him up. He went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. He felt it was his duty to find out if Alex was immortal or not. Xavier picked up a knife and cut Alex's hand. It began to bleed. Not much blood came out, but it didn't heal and Alex hated the notion he was cut by anything. He wailed out in pain. Xavier was shocked. He never remembered crying when he was cut. Miranda walked in and saw Xavier with a knife and her son screaming wildly as blood came from a small cut in his hand. "What in god's name do you think you are doing? Give him here!"

Xavier still shocked that his child was not immortal passed Alex over to his mother without being able to do much else. Miranda rushed from the room slamming the door. Xavier sat down and a few minutes later once the screaming stopped he went to the door. "Miranda, haven't you ever wondered why I never get injured?"

"No, I never really thought about it. I guess I just thought that you were lucky."

"I am immortal."

"Like what you can not be killed and stuff."

"Exactly. I can not be killed by anything."

"Does it hurt?"


"Living through any injury."

"No, I also heal very quickly and only feel a small bit of pain."

"Yeah right. You expect me to believe that folklore garbage?"

"I will prove it." Xavier walked back and grabbed the knife. Miranda opened the door. Xavier put the knife against his own throat and dragged it across. Miranda lost all feeling in her legs and practically fell to the floor.

"Oh my God! What have you done! Have you lost your mind!?" She began to mumble after this because the shock of what happened had gotten to her.

Xavier fell to the ground and blood poured out. The blood made a pool on the floor, but Xavier was still alive. The blood then got sucked back into his neck and the wound closed. Xavier got up and went over to Miranda. "See I am okay. I can't be hurt."

"Damn you! Couldn't you have just cut you finger! Why did you have to go and almost give me a heart attack by cutting your throat?" You are a crazy fool Xavier!" She began to slap him in the arm frantically. Xavier laughed at her reaction.

"I am sorry," he finally said. He gave her a look that meant 'well…'

She could tell what he was thinking. "How did you become this way? Was it a curse? What happens if you get no air? How long have you been like this? Is Alexander like you?" She continued to spew questions at him and this made Xavier laugh even more.

He then told her his life story. All of the things that had ever happened to him in his entire life. She sat there and listened attentively while Xavier talked her ear off. "You have lived a very troubled life. You still didn't answer about Alex though. Is he?"

"No, that is what I was doing. I was seeing if he was like me. Aren't you glad I didn't slit his throat?"

Miranda gave him an evil eye. "Don't even joke about that!"

"Sorry." Xavier said moving closer to Miranda and cuddling in.

They fell asleep in eachother's arms and then woke up in the morning still cuddling on the cold floor. Xavier went to work on his farm and Miranda took care of Alex.

The years passed quickly, one day flowed into the next. Alexander grew up and became an excellent addition to the farm. He was strong and fast. He was also very smart.

Xavier began to feel comfortable with his son being of age to take care of the farm for extended periods of time. One thing that he noticed though was that Alex didn't look as old as many of the other boys. Most were men by now while Alex looked only ten.

Alex got picked on a lot because of his size and looks. He was very strong, but kind of pretty for a man. Xavier stopped most of the people who harassed Alex. Alex dealt with many by just breaking a bone or two of theirs. Even some adults were afraid of his strength. Miranda didn't notice. Xavier didn't take much of a second thought of it either.

One day Xavier had to get supplies for his farm because they weren't being brought in like normal. It would be a four-day trip to the shore, and a four-day trip back. Xavier only gave himself one day in between to relax before returning home.

Xavier packed many things on three horses that he needed. One horse for him, one horse for his supplies, and one horse for the seeds. For his journey there he put half of his supplies on each horse so that they would not be overstrained on the way there. The Port he was traveling to was Port Marcus. It was a nice place to live. It had many things that Xavier had never heard of and things that weren't common yet. One thing that made Port Marcus not such a great place to live was that there were sailors everywhere usually being very barbaric. Ale was a beverage more used than water. He went like he knew he had to. He made it there and was greeted by two drunken men wavering back and forth along the city streets. "Hello." Xavier said halting them.

They turned around and looked back. "Hi ya. How goes it?" The taller of the two said.

He could tell they were overly drunk so he continued to walk to the docks giving them a nod as he past. He made it to the docks and pilled on all the seed he could buy onto his other horse. The horse looked unhappy having all of this weight on his shoulders. The other horse was a great workhorse and didn't mind taking all of the supplies Xavier needed. He stayed over night and then left in the morning. Halfway back he had a strange feeling. It made him worry about his family and he couldn't sleep. Every time his eyes shut, even for an instant, he saw the image of his wife and son being burned. He rode faster and faster hoping that a dream was only a dream, but as he got closer to his house the urgentness of his dream became stronger and stronger.

After a long dreadful ride he was home. His house was dark and no smoke came from the chimney. He ran through the house screaming for his wife and son, but no one responded. At that moment he knew he had little time left to save them. He took another horse from the stable and whipped it as hard as he could draining every ounce of strength the horse had. He finally made it to the town and saw great pillars of smoke rise from the Courtyard Square. He continued to ride his horse into the crowd that surrounded the fire. The horse knocked people out of the way and it became clear to Xavier what was happening: his wife and son were being burned alive. Xavier jumped off of his horse and leapt into the fire. He went to his son first because he was closer. He grabbed Alexander and leapt out of the fire with him in his arms. He put him down and jumped back in to rescue his wife. He pulled her out of the fire, but he already knew she was dead. He went over to his son and his son was coughing terribly with blood coming up each cough. His skin was a black crispy substance that fell off with a touch and blood seeped through everywhere Xavier touched his dying son. He held Alex in his arms and wished that he could be mortal so as to die with them. Alex opened his eyes slightly and saw his father for the last time.

Xavier stood by the fire surrounded by people he had been friends with and even people he would have given his life for. Even his closest friend Jeremy was there. He, however was being held back by three guards with swords at his neck and his wife's. Xavier fell down to his knees for he could no longer bear to stand. He cried on his son's body wishing it had never happened. He replayed it in his head over and over. He eventually looked up at the thinning crowd. He was tossed back into his childhood again. He felt small and insignificant. Xavier left back to his home and no one followed. Jeremy tried to, but he was dragged away by the guards.

Xavier was basically quarantined on his land. No one could visit him because guards were everywhere. The only people that came up often were people that were cursing at him and trying to burn him out. He lost many animals in the next few weeks and stayed only to torture himself. Xavier blamed what happened on himself. He repeated to himself over and over out loud "if only I stayed home…if only" He barely slept, ate, or even drank. He became a wreck of a man. Weeks passed and he finally decided to leave. He wasn't able to take it anymore. He was sick of being angry at himself for something he could not change, control, but at the same time mostly he just put his guilt aside because it was how he assumed Miranda would have wanted him to be.

So he left. He took only his sword and his last horse. He went away from everywhere he had ever been. He took a ship across great expansive water. When on the other side he continued to move on. One day many months after the tragedy he met up with a band of soldiers looking for more to join them in a war against a dark force of soldiers killing children in each village that crosses their path. This seemed like a just cause so he joined. He knew he couldn't be killed so he knew he would take out as many of them as he could. Three days later they were in a hilly area that was mighty cold. Xavier took a sweater that Miranda had knit for him and put it on. He put his hands in the pockets to keep his hands warm and found a note. It was from Miranda

Xavier if you are reading this I am dead. A villager said our son was created from witchcraft. He had never gotten sick and aged slower, so they are coming for him. I will hide him and myself as best as I can. I won't let them hurt Alexander. I know you will raise him well and I will love you forever.

Your Love Forever


Xavier couldn't hold in his sadness and cried for a moment. Then he realized where he was. All the other soldiers looked at him and he knew they were curious, but he couldn't bring up all of his emotions about the death of Miranda and Alexander, yet. So they carried on chasing after the evil army of men that were destroying innocent lives. They were few against many. They were out manned 32 to 1. Xavier had his trusty sword and his immortality to keep him relaxed; everyone else had nothing, but their swords. Xavier knew he would have to kill as many as he could. He wanted to protect as many men as he could.

They attacked with total fierceness. They let out blood curdling screams as they approached the huge army ahead. Xavier was not the first man into the battle. Many of his companions were already devilishly twirling their swords and axes before Xavier came close to being shield to shield with an enemy of his own. Men were being sliced in half left and right. Xavier had a hard time concentrating on his own efforts as he worried about the group. His fears left him as he saw one of the men in his group slice his way through two men in seconds. Xavier was then able to concentrate on the foes surrounding him. He killed many and stunned even more. His sword had a mind of its own and plunged through armor and men like nothing ever seen before. Horses wailed as the axes of the evil men that ravaged the village killed them. They were Ogre like and screamed at the top of their lungs the name of their homeland "Offision!"

Xavier watched as some of the villagers joined the battle against their suppressers. The odds began to even up and then the tide began to turn. The village was on fire, but the attack was subverted. Ravaged by the attack the villagers seemed hopeless. Everything they loved was either burnt to the ground or on fire. Almost everything was gone. Xavier had many cuts and was healing. No one noticed though because they were watching as the school fell to the ground with the last of everyone's hope.

Demar, the one who seemed to be the leader of our group, rallied all of us to cut wood and clean up the city. The villagers at first watched stunned as a small group of battered and injured men began to chop away at the rubble and move it. Xavier and his companions put out fires and built new temporary building. Demar cleared the well himself. The villagers then joined in and spirits began to rise. Days passed and the city was being rebuilt back to its former glory. There were still scars of the battle fought, but they were no longer a sign of depression, but a sign of their courage, bravery and struggle to defeat an enemy that was stronger then them. It was a victory that would be revered in their hearts for generations. It made Xavier feel good to have done something so monumental.

After three months of cleaning, building, and helping the city be what it once was they relaxed. The city named Demar's group "The Saviors", and the name stuck. The Saviors partied for three nights and then they moved on to find the army that rained destruction on such a city.

They traveled for days always one step behind. Xavier began to make friends with one of the men. His name was Risktan. He was from a far away land and eventhough they could barely understand eachother they became close friends. Their languages, history, and where they were born were so different, but Xavier felt a common bond between them like they were the same, but at the same time different. Risktan was tall and slender. He didn't look very strong, but he seemed very wise. He barely ever talked, and when he did it was to tell the group something important. He also talked to Xavier on occasion. They continued to travel to many places. A rag-tag group of men all with specialties that complimented eachother and the group nicely.