Words That Rhyme With Monkey

There are words that rhyme with monkey
That I bet you never knew
Or at least you never thought about;
You were fixing your hairdo.

Or cooking your mulligan stew.
Or starting your whole life anew.
Or sailing with a pirate's crew.

Because you never stop to look at all the little things in life
The things that make the world seem nice
So when you're feeling like a flunkie,
Think of words that rhyme with monkey.

Author's Notes: A heavy Shel Silverstein influence on this one. He and Robert Frost are my favorite poets, being that I like rhyming poetry and don't have a very wide taste for the stuff anyway, so you'll find some of my own poetry will have hints of their styles. With my own personal touch, of course. ;) Oh, and I've dedicated this one to Adrina--aside from myself, she was the first one to read it. (Hi Adrina! ^_^)