I know the world can sometimes be cruel
And leave you feeling like a fool
But if ever its hurdles are rougher than rough
And you just don't feel tougher than tough
Remember your friends love you more than enough
To get you through your pain.

And for everything you seem to lose
There is always something to gain.
After every storm forever will be
Sunshine following the rain.

Just remember.

For always things that are painful now
Manage to work themselves out somehow.

Author's Notes: This poem is all about dedication. It applies to many situations, but I wrote it for my dear friend Katie when she moved away a few years back. So this poem goes out to her; and also to Mike, as well as the rest of my friends in Florida--I miss you all more than I could possibly say, and I hope everything is going great for every last one of you. ^_^ Thanks for the memories, you guys, and as for other readers, well--thanks for reading! ^_^