Death Ray

Death; it inches
Closer and closer
Closer every day
Becoming more apparent as
Our minds start to decay
And we go insane;
Losing our brains.

Most people just don't think about this
Even though they say life is so short;
I think that many,
Treat it like a sport.

And then when life is near its end
People humble, and they send
The Christmas cards they "forgot" to give
And do other good deeds while they still live.

Why, I ask, must it be
That when it still matters
People can't see?

Author's Notes: I wanted desperately to write a poem called Death Ray. *laughs* I must've seen that one Star Wars episode of Daffy Duck one too many times...^_^;; But this is what came out. Slightly philosophical, but...hey, that's what I was thinking about. Ah well. It's not too depressing, I don't think.