In My Heart by Fujita Toji

In My Heart
by Fujita Toji

From the first time we met,
I knew you were special.
You were always nice, always kind.
If I ever needed anyone to talk to
You'd always be there
With an open heart.

I've told you before,
I'm not good with words.
There are so many things
I want to tell you,
but all the words in the world
Would never be enough
To tell you how much I love you
Or how much you mean to me.

You are my best friend and my lover.
The light of my day.
The moonlight of my night.
The reason I live.
The reason I dream.
The infinite stars in the universe
Could never measure up to the love
My heart holds for you.

I love you so much
And I want you to know
You'll always be in my heart.