Virginia Again

O to the two of dancing
A Virginian reel,
The pull of your Politics:
All I can feel
Like the war, far removed
And the World all in one
On the Chesapeake, standing--
Watching the sun

And back to Virginia
But only for you
My heart still in Dresden
And London turned blue
O you were a Time
Before Germany died
When the Earth was full-trodden
And Never the Sky

Tho' hating the gentry
It is Virginia again
Like Munich, Like Danzig,
Centered on Men
But Richmond was previous
And then, so you were
And the Messerchmidt part of me
Shadow-cast Earth

A touch of a tin flute
An Old Irish air
And colonial drummers,
But then-you were there
Where you always had been
As I Luftwaffe-flew
12 o'clock high and winging
Towards you

So one-half Teutonic
And the other devoted
Onward to Dresden
But then back and broken
Finding truth in rhyme
When March falls and rain--
It's the Chesapeake sunrise
And Virginia again