The journey of dreams
Lena looked around the room at all the great and wonderful dreams peple had in the past night
she loved to look at them the were her favoret pass time they were well hers now at least they were. She saw one that looked strange
it was a dream from a 10 year old boy he had a dream with lots of yelling.She looked at the boy he was at school at the moment he
was so young at age ten. She looked for his name it was Garret he had He had fiery red hair and icy blue eyes Lina smiled this one
was special he would be the one to free her it was time Lina knew that but how many years did she have left she have left she would
not age as long as she stayed in the dream chamber she would be 17 for as long as she like. Lina looked back she was a girl a girl
in the real world well at she was 500 years ago she was strange though when she wanted something to happen it did. When
she 17 it was her birth day that's what it was he came and told her she must go he was Neriserk a man who was the keeper of
dreams he was 18 when the job was Given to him he then gave the job to her...............................

Eight Years later
Garret First sat on his bed staring at the clock soon it would be time he knew it he always had.Well at since he was ten
when he had the dream he remembered the dream well. he was running a ten year old boy there was yelling an he was scared
when the dream was over he felt different like someone new what had happened but not he. Garret left his room got his books
to go to school Garret was tall red haired 18 year boy with cool pale blue eyes. He started walking to go to school he was a
senior in high school and the year was almost over. Garret turned to see a girl looking at him she looked a bout 17 and
very pretty she had long dark brown hair down to her but and she had green eyes. "you can stop starring Garret im that lovely"
Garret looked at her and said"hoe do you know my name I never met you before!!" she smiled at him and said
"I just do Garret"............................................

Neriserk was a man of many secrets he was tall had
bark hair and eyes and a sly grin. He could preform many magic skills and was very good at
fire ones. Looking at the two people there down on earth he smiled.Neriserk Knew that this
would turn out fine..............

Garret looked at the girl who knew his name "my name is Lina Garret thats all you
must know for now" she looked at him her eyes glitterd and she smiled at him "come with me" she
said. Garret stared at her for a moment and said "why should I go with you?" she thought "just
come now please I cant tell you now later I will I swear" he nodded and followd
her. he didnt know why he just did. Lina led Garret to a grat temple (how that get ther *_*)
and up large stone steps to the top of the tower there he saw what looked like a wax girl on
the floor. Lina bent down next to teh wax girl and said to Garret see this girl here she is the
sorcerss Rinsha we need her help but you must cur her first okay?" he looked at her and said
"what are you talking about." Lina sighed and told him that he had to cast a spell to cure the
girl he of course just stared at he "listen this is it the last time im going to say this you
must use a spell witch I will tell you to cure Rinsha.My magic is weak I used alot of it
gettingyou here to the temple of Serivel." Lina told him the words to say witch as he said oh
young but powerful girl that you are we sing a sone a prase come and awake from thy slumber as
you are.
As he said it a light fromed round Rinsha and she looked like a human she had short blond hair
and green eyes. The girl spoke "I am Rinsha thank you for freeing me you are a great warrier
and will be rewarded" and with that green smoke came fron noware and surronded Garret soon he
dissapeared al together.

When Garret reappered he was wearing a dark green forest clock and had
sword in his hand he looked very handsome in both Lina and Rinsha,s oppinoins. Garret turned
to face them he looked scared and had a cold look in his eyes "I understand, I think" he said.

Neriserk turned to a man with had sandy blond hair and lavender eyes "go
and find the them Rinsha is with them and you need to find her Jeff." Jeff nodded and
left to find them to help them out.

Garret sudenly turned back to the normal boy he was a minent ago and looked at his wach "oh God its almost 9:00 im
late for schoo.l" He added "again" to his sentance and turnd to leave only to find he could not move.
"wait dont go" said RInsha and she smiled at him he looked at her and started yelling things that were lets just say bad.
"Let me go you little brat or else or else just let me go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" after hearing what he said she not only let him go she made him
telloport to his school.

Seratsis high was a small school in a small town and it was also very stricked one all the students that went there had to be
perfect little angels or else. Garret was one of the worst stuents in the head masters mind, Even though he was kind and very good
at school work. Garret was late for school most of the time and the head master(bob) well he didn't like that very much so Garret
was in big truble this time. It was 9:10 and school started at 7:00 Garret walked in where Bob was waiting for him. "well,well mister
karestais what do you have to say this time your two hours and eleven minents late for school." Garret lookeked at him and tried
thinking of a good excuse "well you see ummmmm well I was ummm yeah..." Bob looked at him and gave him a strange look that
seemed to say 'Im on to you.' After about half an hour Garret got of with three days detention and a call home to his mom to make
sure he got to school on time.

Garret walked to his fourth class witch was just beginning and sat next to his besty friend Tasha "what happened this time"
she asked "you would not beleive it if I told you Tasha trust me." there teacher mister canter walked in to the room.
"hello class today we will be lerning about...."

Jeff looked to see where he was he didn't recunise this place that he had found where was he he contiude walking while he
thought. ' where am I what is this place It feels so formiler yet I dont know it.' Heard a noise from the bushes
"who's there!!?" he said but nobody answerd. Jeff was freacked out he was sent to help the one who save the dreams
he could not fail this. A black figure came out of the darkness. "Ive been waiting for this day for eight years and I
Finaly prevail" said a femail Jeff tried to screem but the figure that Jeff put her long hand over his mouth...
the woman took Jeff with her and dissapeard. they reapeared in a dark room souronded with fire. "I am the sorceress Marina"
she said.

Garret and Tasha were walking home when they saw Rinsha and Lina. "hello Garret, it is nice to see you again" said Rinsha.
Tasha looked at her friend she had strange look on her face "who are they"
"there too girls I met the other day." he said "I know what your thinking Tasha" said Garret when he saw
the look on her face. "whatever"

"Marina........" 'ive heard that name before' thought Jeff. If only he coud think but he couldn't who was this woman.
an evil smile was one her face and she looked at him and laughed. "well I have the worm for my bait and all I need now is
the fish." she walked away. Jeff tried to remember his lessons but failed

"where did you meet" asked Tasha, Garret looked at the two girls for support but they just about what to say as much as him.
" yeah" said Garret.As the day grew on Tasha stared to like Rinsha and Lina more and they
were becoming friends... "what are you doing Garret" said Tasha as Garret started to screem the words
"sharainia gisater come forth to destroy this human girl"