1 Candles ……. Burning Bright

Who determines who we are?

Is there a candle lit for each of us in some netherworld?

Is each candle a different shape or color?

And that shape or color mean anything?

Does it say who we are? What we are? How we live? How we learn?

What happens when a candle sputters out?

Does our life end? Or is it merely a new stage of life?

Or do we get a new candle and go through this earth again?

Can someone intentionally in that nether place put out a candle in it’s prime?

Or can destruction of a candle be begun by destruction of it’s person?

These candles lit in some netherworld, surely must be tended in some way shape or form

Are they tended by some faery of sorts, or must a candle depend solely on the person for whom it burns?

The tender, what must she do?

Trim the wicks? Shelter from storms?

I do wonder?

A candle, I think must burn for us in some time and place

For every creature has something to feel proud of

Even if only in that netherworld they are honored