"The Stained"
Chapter 7

Time is but a "Whisper" in the wind

I know all past present and future I glide with progression I beet with life and only one man ever really knew that and treated me like I was a living being and never tried controlling me. And that man slipped from my grasp today. I have been keeping him young keeping him with me and now and now he is gone. I frowned to myself with the filling. I knew the time would come because I am time. I have felt it since the moment I meet him we are one really but I could not let go that easy if there was one thing I had learned from that old mage is that everything and anything is possible. So I quickly gathered my energies around the spot he fell and formed the body "He" gave me. The elder powers where pissed at him for giving "Time" the power to manifest its self in the "mortal" realm. But the grater powers feared him and still do. So nothing was done about it.

"Father..." a tear rolled down my cheek as I whispered the words. I guess that is why he named me such.

"Whisper" I jumped

"Father?!" it was still a whisper but there was definite excitement behind my words.

"Yes Whisper it is me. I told you if ever I was needed I would come."

"But you dead!" still the whispers.

"Death? Me Vladimier die?"

"I can't sense you?"

"I am back in Skull Keep deep in a underground room that exists outside of time... I am hiding son."

"From me?"

"If I was hiding from you my son I would not have told you where I was."

"But but did you die?"

"I was beaten in combat yes"

"Father you fell in combat?" I was baffled Vladimier fall to another impossible!

"He out whited me nothing more. But I will let him think he has won and let him live in peace for now."

He posed to only continue again.


"Yes father?"


"But father!"

"He is outside your power"

"No one is out side the reach of time"

"He is a vampire time is nothing to him. You could only beet him in your body and"

"I know I am not strong enough"

Samuel Knight
Just in time

I left the table and was heading to the nearest room almost completely in tears. I need to get home away from this land that fills so foreign to me. Something was here with me!

"Who-Who's there?" I stammered in-between my sobs.

The whispers came from all around but mostly from within my own head. "Why to thee cry little one? For you have won! Have you not?"

"But I can't go home. It will be ages before I can see jess again and never will I see Jason again!" I was starting to tear up again I don't even know why I am talking to this voce.

"I can bring you to him..."

"Name your price!" I shouted with glee.

"I don't trust you boy."

"Anything I will do anything!"

"I have heard that before boy. From your very lips and the man you where sent to kill lives and the one you made the deal with died by your own hand I believe!" I went stiff and whispered the only thing that came to mind.


"No I am not Vladimier... but I do know "ALL" that happens in time" the whispers stated.

"I had to do that"

"NO you did not have to."

"You don't know what I know about him. He, he is EVIL!"

"What is evil? If not defined by good? What is good? If not defined by evil? Is there good? Is there evil? Can one be evil without being good? Can one be good without being evil?" it was a simple Question that no one can answer not even if they had a eternity to think apone it.

"Well if you don't know then how am I suppose to know?"

"Just my point little one. If you can not answer that question then you have no right to chooses who lives or who dies!" I looked to my shoes.

"He wanted me to kill a man."

"He wanted you to kill a killer of men."

"But I am the same as that killer of men that you speck of." the vice grew silent.

"And I did not say you where not that same as him but you have not ruined many peoples lives."

"Give me time"


"Then I ask you this what gives Vladimier the right to decide who lives and dies?" I had this voce I knew it I had stumped it! But my victory was short lived because the answer came almost at once.

"He can answer my Question."

"Boy that is one answer I would love to hear. No man or immortal should have the right to choose who lives and who dies! Now leave me be I will find my own way home you anger me!" with them words I opened the door I had come to a stop in front of and walked in closing it fast behind me. I was walking toward a char when everything started to spin, then all was black.