Um. This is the one and only happy poem that I've ever attempted, so naturally I think it's horrible, or at least stranger than my other ones. This is the second upload, and I changed some punctuation stuff on's not like anyone can tell, so why am I even saying this? Oh well...please review!

Valley of the Mirror

Across the sliver of mirror I gaze,
into the yellowing morning haze.
I long to melt into the other side -
a place where I can run and hide.

With a better atmosphere than here,
the garden, enclosed in a sphere -
where fairies frolic with bare feet
in the grasses and golden wheat.

There I will meet a splendid being
he'll hold my heart in safekeeping.
We'll travel the blue skies and beyond,
far past the icy surface of his pond.

In that blue pond we'll meet a fish
that promises to grant us any wish -
but, looking back across that glass,
my heart achingly told me to pass.

For here is where I'll always be,
always happy but never free
to do as I wish, without guilt,
laughing until the flowers wilt.

And, finally, at the end of the day
when my stillborn memories will fade,
of that place, I surely will dream
as real and pure as it may seem...

I told you it was horrible.