she came to me on that last night
she with her shining eyes and shining hair.

All bound it had been; wind and rain
had pulled it o'er her brow again
half caught up and half fell down
a glowing midnight-coloured crown
of spirals, waves, a silk curtain
across the secret, midnight plain
of her sweet face; decieving sweet!
for though in her visage did meet
all lovely properties of grace
her eyes retained a secret space
Where none might touch her - even i,
whom she loved so, it made her cry.

She cried for me on that last night
her shining eyes awash with tears of care.

But when t'was plain to her at last
that all her tears couldn't change the past
And that on this i was resolved
she dried her eyes; her tears dissolved
unseemly quick (it seemed to me).
she set her cheek upon my knee
And said something like poetry:
"if this is the last night i'll see
your face, beloved, please forgive
the seeming sins you find,and give
me on last time, your lips, your arm
about me, shielding me from harm."

she spake me thus on that last night
her placid tone was more than i could bear.

For i had thought she would protest!
that leaving, i would move her to request
me to remain, at last give me her heart
Prompted by the thought that we must part!
this calm acceptance, softly borne
Was just the same as direct scorn
When felt with love's inflamed feelings;
this faulse fruition of dealings
With Venus, who had me deceived
destroyed all i had once believed
Of love, believed of her outlook-
how could i have been so mistook?

she rested there on that last night
her shining hair upon my burning breast.

i cried, although she knew it not
though many tears, bitter and hot
fell on the mantle of her hair
i might as well not have been there
for she accepted i would leave
so cheerful i could not believe
That ever she had felt for me
one tenth of what i felt for she.
how could she have destroyed my hope?
and then, her glossy eyes did ope
and saw mine, like-glossed, but with tears
she saw my shattered hopes and fears.

she saw my eyes on that last night
dressed in grief for her, forlorn, distressed.

she laughed at me! her silver voice
chid me my tears; "it is your choice!"
she called me arrogant, fool, weak
i caught her throat, lest she should speak
more acid poured upon my soul
that i had offered to her, whole.
I held her throat; she struggled; brief.
i felt a pang of strange relief
when she was silenced. When she stilled
i laid her back in my arms; filled
my arms with her, my hands with hair
that tumbled loosely everywhere.

she lay in my arms that last night
that unatainable at last posessed.