Time, in its endless search for a conclusion,
Has found itself many beginnings,
But never the completion.

What will happen when time finally reaches the door,
And slams it in our faces,
As we stand confused.

No clocks to watch, no order to the passing moments,
Eternity will end now, and last forever,
For each eternity is different.

For one, eternity may be a kiss,
Another, maybe the dentist,
Both ends of the spectrum.

Time will last for eternity, and eternity only for a short time,
But if time slams the door, where is eternity,
To each his own.

Time is important in dealing with destiny,
If your destiny follows an event,
Does not the event follow time?

If time and eternity are one, and destiny follows time,
Does it take an eternity to find your destiny,
Or does destiny follow it's own order?

Ah, but order brings chaos! And, chaos brings order,
Destiny... does it bring order or chaos?
But to survive, we must have both.

For if we never had chaos, would we understand order?
Would we understand chaos without it?

Maybe our destiny is truly finding order in the chaos,
Or... finding the chaos in order,
But, doesn't that take time?

August 28, 2000 - ThirdRealiti